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Dimension 2400, DDR 400 mhz memory will not work

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Dimension 2400, DDR 400 mhz memory will not work

  • I have a dimension 2400 which has 128 megs of DDR 333 memory in it. I don't know if it is error checking or not as there is nothing to indicate if it is on the memory itself and I don't have the specs on the computer itself. I do a search on dell.com for dimension 2400 and the product details show this model as actually coming with 256 megs 400 mhz memory so their specs are not unique to this computer.
    Anyways I put in a stick of 512 megs of ddr 440 mhz unbuffered mem in the computer and the dell bios is not recognizing it.
    I take out the original mem alltogether and put in the 512 memory and the computer will not even boot up, just starts beeping at me and a blank screen. Ideas to the cause of this? thanks.

    I should add, this 512 of memory works in another system I have.
  • Your memory specs are here ........

    Your system uses PC2100 (266-MHz) or PC2700 (333-MHz) DDR SDRAM (non-ECC).
    You are trying to use the wrong memory.
  • http://www.crucial.com/store/listparts.asp?Mfr%2BProductline=Dell%2BDimension&mfr=Dell&tabid=CR&model=Dimension+2400+Series&submit=Go  This is from www.crucial.com .    Memory here is guaranteed to work in the 2400 system..( non ecc )   Don't just put some memory in from another system, that might not be compatible with the 2400 system.  What system did you take the other memory out from ? 

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  • Yes but in most systems you can mix memory speeds. The system will resort to the lowest memory speed.
  • I think the problem is that the 2400 will not accept a stick of 512. The reason is when I click on support on dell.com and then upgrades and choose my system, there is no option to purchase one stick of 512. There is only the option to purchase a stick of 256.
  • The Dimension 2400 supports a maximum individual memory module size of 1 GB, for a total (since there are 2 slots) of 2 GB.
  • Ah! I see what the problem is now. The sys board will not support 400 mhz memory. I put my Corsair 333 mhz 512 in and it worked fine.
  • I ran a combination of 333 & 400 in my 2400 for over a year with no problems so yes it will work. It just has to be good memory to begin with. I later got another 333 for the 2400 and transferred the 400 to my 4600 when I put it together.
  • Charlie, the specs in the link above specifically state 400 is not supported. Perhaps you have a later generation board? When I put in the 400 in this computer it would not even boot up. It clearly was not compatible.
  • I don't know.  Mine is about 2 yeard old.  I got the memory (400) direct from Dell (before I new about Crucial) for an upgrade about 6 months after I bought the computer.  Went through the Dell upgrade center and the 333 & 400 were both an option at the time.