I was looking into upgrading my GX260 memory.
It has a P4 2.53GHz 533FSB as far as i know, and this is confirmed by the BIOS.
The memory installed though, is a set of 2 banks of 512Mb 266MHz DDR PC2100.
Since the CPU FSB is 533MHz, wouldn't it make sense to upgrade for DDR PC3200 at least, and take advantage of the extra FSB speed?
That's what I would assume, but when I check on Crucial's web site, or on this web site for the "recommended" upgrade, it always comes up with DDR PC2100 banks.
So, what's the deal? Is it a limitation of the motherboard, the BIOS, the chipset, or something?
I'd like to understand why I could not take advantage of the extra FSB speed.
Any hint?