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pci video card compatibility : 1600sc

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pci video card compatibility : 1600sc

  • hi.
    I wanted a new video card for my poweredge 2600, I went out and get a GEFORCE 4 mmx440, 64 ram, PCI, installed it, and boot the server, there was no problem, went into the device manager and deactivate my intergrated video card (ATI raedon, 8 mb ram), and it still works, but now I need a bigger video card and went out and get a ATI 9200se, 256 ram, PCI, DVI, installed it, but this time there were no picture, just black monitor, so I return the card and get a XFX FX5200, 256 ram, PCI, DVI, and installed it.
    The same thing happent no picture, just a black monitor, I have read a lot og treads here and other people does have the same problem, but no answer.
    So hope that someone will tell us what to do.
    The only thing I can see different from my working geforce 4 mmx 440 64mb ram PCI, is that it has not a DVI interface, maybe something to do whit these, but I am not sure.
    And can a PCI express video card work on a PCI-X 64?
  • OK, finally got it to work.
    I put the A11 bios update but it didn't seem to help, can't say it hurt either.
    I was trying a powercolor 9250 ati  chip.
    At first I put in an old ATI 3d rage pro pci card in slot 5 and it worked each and every time. I had no cards in slots 1 - 4.
    I bought the new 9250 card (128M) and it just would not work. Once in a while I would get a part of bios screen and mostly a total lockup. Checked the card in another unit OK.
    I put the updated bios from 08 to 11 and I didn't seem to get a change of luck.
    I finally by accident put two cards in slots 1 and 2 (old nic and turtle audio) and put other  IRQ numbers in for resources in bios other than #3. (dunno why, I just wanted IRQ3 free)
    Then I put the new card in slot 5 and it works.
    My guess is that there is a timing issue that some cards will work and some will not because of the way the 1600sc uses plug and play.  I had to make sure that the two cards in slot 1 and 2 showed up even.
    I am running xp pro and suse 9.2. I couldn't get the atisetup to run but that may just be cruft. I just had to put in a newer card. The libs for suse on that old built in card really were hurting my eyes.
    Hope this helps others.
  • I can't find any mention that a pci-x and pci-e are any bit interchangeable.
    The PCI-X spec held out for 6 months. It is being replaced by the PCI-E for the video. We are just stuck. There are about no useful PCI-X cards. They are only some high end scsi and on their way out. Might have well bought a MCA IBM.
  • I was also able to install a powercolor ati 9250 pci with 256mb ram. Newegg was the cheapest place to get it based on a pricewatch.com search. i installed it in the 3rd pci slot (from the bottom). i also have a radeon 9200 installed in the second slot that works.

    thanks for the tips

  • Ive seen a bunch of 64mb cards are compatible, does anyone know f the ati radeon 7500 128MB card is compatible?

  • have a 1gb evga 9400 gt running just fine, and it's also dual link output and hdcp compliant....now if i could only get that  beeping to stop on boot...

  • I purchased a re-furbished 1600SC with PERC4 RAID a couple weeks ago.  Found out the integrated ATI Rage XL graphics adaptor is horrible.  Did my homework, or so I thought, and purchased an nVidia GeForce 6200 256MB PCI card.  Imagine my surprise, utter disappointment, and, yes, anger to find it would not work! Crying  It would've never occurred to me in a million years that a "modern" Wintel box would have such a problem.  If anybody has any suggestions for a currently-supported nVidia card that will work, I'd sure like to hear about it.  Meantime, I'll do more research, but I can't afford to go out buying card, after card, after card in hopes that maybe one of them will work.

    Listen up, Dell: I find this inexcusable.  I used to be a committed Dell customer, both at work (where I"m the IT admin) and at home.  My wife's current machine is a Dell box, too.  My current work laptop is a Dell.  (In fact: That's what I'm using right now because my 1600SC is on the floor, torn apart, and right now I'm too disgusted to bother putting it back together.)  The key word in the foregoing being "current."  At this point I don't know as I'd be inclined to buy any more Dell hardware, at home or at work.

    A shame: I had thought Dell had gotten over this kind of brain-dead incompatibility problem years ago. Huh?



  • After finding a couple references to it elsewhere in the web, I decided to give the ATI Radeon HD 2400 Pro 256MB PCI card a try.  (Decision was helped by the fact they had it on sale for a good price at TD Wink )  It worked right off.  Btw: Since it seems it may matter: My BIOS rev. is A12.

    An on-line colleague tells me Dell sent them an "nVidia Quadro" (I have no further info) when they asked Dell about an improved graphics card for their 1600SC, and that works.

    (I remain at least mildly annoyed with  Dell.)



  • J.Seymour I am curious as to what drivers you used?


    I installed the 2400 HD Pro and it win2K adv Serv recognizes it enough to display in 16 colors at 800x600.But unfortunately that is it. Every time I try and install drivers it says it cannot find any ATI hardware connected.


    I have updated everything i can I am using the A12 Bios revision as well.


    The drivers on the CD, AMDs webite and some custom drivers made by people who said they work for win2K but none seem to work.

  • Joey2250

    J.Seymour I am curious as to what drivers you used?

    I installed the 2400 HD Pro and it win2K adv Serv ...

    I'm afraid I cannot help you.  I'm not running MS-Win on my 1600SC.  I'm running Ubuntu Linux.

  • Hi this is John I know this is an old thread but I just purchased a pci video sapphire ati amd radeon hd2400.

    I popped it into the 32 bit slots and it installed without any problems. Also somebody mentioned about putting

    the video card into the 64 bit green slots, has anybody tried this? My last question is which slot would you recommend

    for a usb 2.0 card? Thanks! I appreciate your help.



    i HAVE ALWAYS USED THE GFORCE FX 5200 on my 19 dell poweredge 1600sc servers some with 2.4ghz/2.8 and now 3.2GHZ bios A!@ . so i got BIOSTAR GeForce 210 1gb DDR3/ HDMI  PCI card and it doesn't fit any slots!!!!! (MY BAD FOR NOT CHECKING THAT OUT 1ST AFTER ALL THESE YEARS OF KNOWING TO!)

    Can someone please tell me what is the MOST/Kind  of video memory I can install on this server ????Windows server 2003 R2.


    I host alot of games and unforfunately my favorite game is By Novalogic and specifically Deltaforce 2 . But seems Novalogic is one of the few game you need a valid video card to host/run the game so i had to but alot when I started my game hosting company which i no longer have due the console platform games (xbox, ps2....)


    Please advise ASAP Cuz I got it on ebay and he will let me switch it out if i act soon .


    please reply to me at <ADMIN NOTE: Email ID removed per TOU policy>



    best regards !!