I'm on my FOURTH order since 10/10/09. I've been delayed and canceled three times. Add me to the list of people who would abandon Dell in a heartbeat if they wern't the only ones offering what I am looking for in a Laptop.

I'm going to be more surprised if my order actually makes it to my doorstep then I would be if it gets canceled again.

I've spent 10.5 hours on the cell phone with dell reps lieing to me according to my AT&T bill.

Only after sending several e-mails to Michael Dell (which is not actually read by him obviously) and filing a BBB complaint did I get contacted by some one who admitted to me that there was a problem with all orders played before Nov 2nd. They disagreed that I was owed any type of discount or compensation despite my $180 cell phone bill from overages.

Although I'm willing to bet that my post wont be on here for long, those that do read it should check out the forums at notebook review. Theres over 2000 posts of ticked off people that Dell has mistreated and lied to.