HELP - I ran adaware and spybot but didn't pay attention to what files I removed. As a result, next time I restarted my machine windows wouldn't run. I have a Dimension 4600 running XP Home edition. I took the original installation CD and booted into the Recovery Console - from there I did disk check etc. but nothing helped. I then decided to do a repair install for XP home. Once I started the installation files were copied over and everything was going fine until the machine needed to reboot. At that point in the installation an error dialog came up with the message "The file 'asms' on Windows XP Pro CD-ROM is needed. Type the path where the file is located, and then click OK.
Copy files from:

Clicking ok doesn't do anything and it can't locate the files that it is looking for. Clicking Cancel explains the fatal error "Setup was unable to start service tabsrv because of the following error:
OpenService (tabsrv) returned error 1060 (424)."

At this point I am stuck. I do not know why this is happening or why the machine cannot find this file (which should be on the OEM disk). I have searched through tons of forums and can see that many people have had this same problem, but still I have not found the solution. The disk is clean, I even bought a disk cleaner for the machine but nothing helped.

Now I cannot boot into windows and everytime I re-start the machine I end up in the same place.

Does anyone know how to fix this problem ???