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(Redirected) Which monitor should I buy? 1080p vs. 1440p?

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(Redirected) Which monitor should I buy? 1080p vs. 1440p?

This question has been answered by shesagordie

I'm currently looking at three different dell monitors

Dell S2715H (Decent budget 1080p monitor that looks gorgeously glossy imo)

Dell P2717H (Professional 1080p monitor that has a better base included and an anti-glare coating)

Dell U2717D ("Edgeless" 1440p that is beautiful, but costs twice as much as the S2715H)

I currently have a Xeon E5-2665 and EVGA GTX950 SC+ so I don't have much trouble hitting 60+ fps on GTA5 for instance on my current 1080p monitor. But I'd really like to explore 1440p for the extra pixel density. And I definitely plan on upgrading to either a GTX1060 or 1070 once they go down in demand and price a little, but that might not be for another year or so.

Honestly, I like to say that I play games but I really don't too often. I'd say most of my time at my desktop is used by programming, video watching/editing, and web browsing. On the occasions that I do play games I play mostly GTA5, racing simulators (like Forza, Dirt, or Project Cars), and a few AAA titles (like Assassin's Creed, Far Cry, and Just Cause)

So, does anybody have any experience with any of these monitors and what are your thoughts? Does anybody have any experience with 1440p on a GTX950? Would it be terrible to suffer through the subpar gaming performance until I can upgrade my GPU?

Can somebody make this decision for me??

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