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Will this do for GW2?

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Will this do for GW2?

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Looking for some opinions from more computer savvy gurus. My Dimension E521 has become dated and cant keep up with my gaming needs. I am looking for a desktop that will allow me to play Guild Wars 2 at high settings with good FPS. Will the XPS 8500 with the i5 processor do this ? I realize the pre-installed video card isn't really a great option. I would probably have to upgrade it within a years time.

also, I had a Dell rep trying to sell me on the XPS 8300 for more money ? Isn't this the predecessor to the 8500?


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  • The Gaming section would probably be the best place to post this.  A gamer may check this section and respond. 

    The Dell "gaming PC's" are the Alienware line. 

    The XPS 8500 may do OK, I would go with the i7 CPU, which is "overkill" but later on you will be glad you upgraded to it.

    HERE is a site with a chart you should check out.


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