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New graphics card and PSU for e510.

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New graphics card and PSU for e510.

  • Lately I have been getting more interested in running games on my compy,
    but the graphics card I have is just not good enough for what I want.
    I'm thinking about replacing my e510's Radeon X600 256MB HyperMemory with this:

    I've heard that I should get a new PSU in the 400-450W range,
    and that the case can take most ATX PSUs with 20+4 or 24pin
    connectors and no on/off switch.

    I'm wondering if someone here can:
    a: check to make sure that I've got all my facts straight
    b: determine if the graphics card is a good budget option (comfortably under $200)
    c: recommend a budget PSU to replace the 305w original
    d: inform me on anything that I may have missed

    Since I'm talking PSU here, I'll run down on my current system's hardware:

    Original motherboard w/ 3.0Ghz Pentium 4 HT
    2 SATA hard drives
    1 PATA DVD+RW/-RW CD-RW drive
    1 PATA DVD-ROM Drive
    1 Internal Floppy Drive
    PCI Wireless NIC
    PCI Soundblaster Audigy SE
    1280x1024 Native Resolution
  • Ok,
    1. Your PSU @ 305w is equal to a 400-450w generic. So be careful because if you get a cheap 400W, it will be worse then your 305w.
    2. Most power supplies will fit into an e510 as there is a big hole in the back. Its not the type that only have a hole for the power input. At min make sure its an "ATX 12v" like ver 2.01 etc..
    3. That is a decent card but i would personally get a 7950GT. Better performance, and its Nvidia.
    You probably will be fine with your stock PSU too, but it cant hurt replacing it as long as you dont buy a cheap one.
  • Since owning my E510 I've upgraded the video card twice. First, I installed the ATI Radeon HD 2400 Pro when I upgraded to Windows 7. That did not require a new PSU. Later, I replaced the Radeon with the nVidia GeForce GT 730. At that time I did replace the PSU. I installed the Corsair CX430M "modular" PSU. The nVidia is a great performer, raising the Windows Experience Index graphics subscores for both Aero and Business / Gaming to 7.0. The new PSU is also performing extremely well. And, with its modular design, I've kept the inside of my E510 nice and neat by only using the cables that I need for the components that my E510 has. And, the Corsair came with some cable ties, which I used to neatly bundle and tie the cables that I did use. I'm not into gaming, but the upgrades have been really nice.

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