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  • I usually purchase outlet store desktops.  When I brought my last system around Xmas, I was looking at the M1710.  The M1710  inventory in the warehouse sells out everyday.
    This is a "notebook review" site http://forum.notebookreview.com/ , where you might find info about the 8800 mobile video card.
  • I got my M1710 (see sig) off the outlet on 1/13. Paid $2700 w/ tax & shipping. Same model new was $4100 w/ tax & shipping. The Outlet is the way to go. I watched & waited for almost a week to find exactly what I wanted. The inventory sells out within 15 minutes of being posted. (I think they are bought by guys who resell them on eBay. . .)
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  • You just have to sell your car and your kids so you can get that new gamer laptop.


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  • the car and the kids... now thats funny LOL