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Inspiron 9300 CPU Upgrade: What Are My Options?

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Inspiron 9300 CPU Upgrade: What Are My Options?

  • I ran CPU-Z and here's what I have:

    CPU: Intel Pentium M 730 (Dothan) 1.6Ghz with 533 FSB L2 2MB
    BOARD: Intel i915 Chipset, Rev A02

    What choices do I have for upgrading my CPU? I know, from searching this board for cpu upgrade topics, that I can't upgrade (by default) to the dual core but I can't find hard info on how fast I can go.

    Does anyone have any suggestions for which CPUs I *can* upgrade to?

    Thanks :)
  • Any of the pre-Core Solo and Core Duo Pentium Ms (400 or 533 bus) will work, 2.26 GHz is max.

    Yes, they are expensive.
  • Awesome - thanks for the info :)
  • The Pentium M 780 CPU running at 2.267 GHz is the best you can do in the Inspiron 9300. I upgraded from the M 760 to the M 780 and noticed significant performance improvements. The Windows Experience Index subscore for the processor rose from 3.7 to 4.0 with the M 780. Also, overall latency was dramatically reduced so my 9300's overall responsiveness is much better.

    To boost performance even more, replace your HDD with an SSD. I installed a 128 GB SSD and the WEI subscore for the primary hard drive rose from 4.4 to 5.9. So, with a combined CPU and SSD upgrade, my 9300 performs really stellar compared to what it used to. Just be careful of the size of the SSD. The BIOS supports only so much. I think 120 or 128 GB is about the best you can do.

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