In this article you will find a short overview of the Mobile IT: architecture, deployment scenarios, where to find client for your mobile device and how to evaluate Mobile IT without deploying own server.

If you were looking for more general info and still don't know what for you might need Mobile IT platform please refer to Our vision.

Mobile IT Architecture

Mobile IT has a multi-tier architecture and consists of three parts.

  • Mobile IT Server (for Windows)

  • Mobile IT Agent (for Windows)
  • Mobile IT Client (for Apple IOS/ Windows Phone/Google Android)

We offer two deployment configurations for Mobile IT platform (click to zoom)

Intranet deployment
    • Mobile IT Server is deployed inside corporate intranet and communicates Mobile IT Clients through Gateway Server
    • No incoming connections from Internet to Mobile IT Server are used
    • Mobile IT Client connects to Gateway Server to communicate with Mobile IT Server (device can be used out of intranet)

* Mobile IT Gateway Server is a server deployed somewhere in the Internet and is supported by Quest. Customers don't take care of it.

DMZ deployment

    • Mobile IT Server is deployed in DMZ and accepts incoming Mobile IT Clients connections from Internet
    • Gateway Server is not required
    • Mobile device can't be used out of intranet if not specially configured on the server

Mobile IT client

  • Goolge Android 2.3.3 or later
  • Apple iOS 6.0 or later
  • Microsoft Windows Phone 7.5 or later

To bring Mobile IT client to your device just search for "quest mobile it" on your app market or use one of QR codes below:

Mobile IT demoserver

You can check out some of Mobile IT abilities right now. Just install the app on your device and connect to demoserver. You will find the link on the bottom of the logon screen as soon as you launch the app. Just accept terms of use and get access to Mobile Packs: Quest Change Auditor,Quest GPOADmin and Microsoft SCOM.

In case you cannot access Mobile IT demoserver at the moment, you can have a look at Screenshots.

Deploy Mobile IT into your environment and get required Mobile Packs

Mobile IT platform deployment is pretty straight forward and doesn't take much time. Use one of our Downloads, deploy required components, launch Administrative Console and follow Getting Started instructions, you're just two steps away from mobilizing your target system.

Check our list of currently available for use Mobile Packs and please follow to the disccussions in case you have any questions related to pack.

Create own Mobile Pack for your target system

The Mobile IT development team has released the SDK that can be used by other product development teams to create their own Mobile IT server connectors.

Don't forget that you can always use our community to ask your questions, we will be glad to answer all of them!

Get more information about Mobile IT

If you want to know more how to use Mobile IT please refer to our online documentation and do not hesitate to contact with us.