Is this going to cause a resync?

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Is this going to cause a resync?

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A job collection has been set up with a DL added as its member for mail sync between source mailbox store and target mailbox store.  The DL has approximately 100 members. The mail sync is progressing smoothly according to the MSA log. Now, I want to load balance the mail sync jobs between two MSAs and two MTAs. Another job collection is created with the 2nd DL added for mail sync between the same mailbox store, and the job collection is set up with a different MSA and MTA from the 1st job collection.  I would like to move 50 members out of the 1st DL and add them to the 2nd DL.  Is this move going to cause a re-sync between different MSA and MTA invovled in the sync job?


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  • No; the MSA keeps tracking data, of what has been sync'd, in the mailbox, I

    believe. However, you will lose 50 mailbox licenses.

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  • Unfortunately changing the agent host will trigger a full resync. Good news is that you can easily suppress this, after you create the collection go to properties and select “remove all resynchronization settings from the agent database”.

    We used this trick in the past, when dealing with Alternate Hosts in older QMM versions.