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Key System Tech Specs

2-Socket 4-Socket Blades
Dell Systems 2950 III
Processors 2950 III - Quad Core Intel
R805 - Quad Core AMD
R900 - Quad Core Intel
R905 - Quad Core AMD
M600 - Quad Core Intel
M605 - Quad Core AMD
Memory 2950 III - 8 DIMM slots
R805 - 16 DIMM slots
32 DIMM slots 8 DIMM slots
Onboard NICs 2950 III - 2 Gigabit NICs
R805 - 4 Gigabit NICs
4 Gigabit NICs 2 Gigabit NICs
PCI Slots 2950 III - 3 PCI Express
R805 - 4 PCI Express
7 PCI Express 2 daughter cards (enabling 4 additional fabrics)

Two-Socket Servers

  • Better "Performance Per Socket" than 4-socket servers - Complete VMmark Results
  • R805 has large number of DIMM slots for 2-Socket server
  • R805 has 4 integrated NICs
  • 2950III has excellent performance results in VMmark benchmark testing results

Four-Socket Servers

  • Performance of 4-socket servers is excellent, best single system performance - VMwark results with R900 and R905
  • Most scalability within a single server—can start small and grow within the same server