The Server Does Not Boot Into Citrix XenServer Dell Edition
  • The Citrix XenServer Dell Edition software does not boot.
  • You receive a "Missing Operating System" message on power on.


Check the boot order - The internal flash storage device may no longer be selected at the first boot device. This can happen if the device has recently been removed due to failure. To correct this:
  1. Boot the server; press <F2> when prompted in the upper right corner of the screen.
  2. Once in the setup menu, scroll down to "Boot Sequence", press enter.
  3. Make sure "Hard drive c:" is selected, press <Enter>.
  4. Scroll down to "Hard-Disk Drive Sequence", press <Enter>.
  5. Select "Internal USB: " or "SD Card: " and using left/right arrow keys, make it the first device in the list. Hit <ESC> twice, save your settings and reboot the server.

Unable to boot to Dell Utility Partition (UP)
On selecting F10 key during POST or 'Boot to Utility Partition' in boot menu (F11), the system does not boot to UP and the following message is displayed:
Missing Operating System

  1. Enter system BIOS setup and go to Hard-Disk Drive Sequence menu item, hit Enter.
  2. Scroll down to the internal storage controller device (such as Integrated RAID PERC 6/I Integrated) and using left/right arrow keys, make it the first device (before Internal USB). Hit <ESC> twice, save the changes and reboot the server.
  3. Hit F10 during post and now the server will successfully boot into Dell UP.
  4. Note that after this change, by default the server will not boot into the internal USB. To change the default boot behavior to boot into internal USB, using the steps provided above, make Internal USB as the first device in Hard-Disk Drive Sequence BIOS setup option.

Unable to Power on Windows Virtual Machines

On powering on a Windows VM, the error HVM is required for this operation is displayed.
  • Enable CPU Virtualization Technology in BIOS. Log in the XenServer local console shell and issue the following command:
# omconfig chassis biossetup attribute=cpuvt setting=enabled
  1. Reboot the system.