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  • 05-19-08 The Best Server For You - Comments

    For the past three weeks, we at the Dell TechCenter have been focused on the decoder ring for systems management. Starting today we are going to tell you what the best server is for virtualization . The reason it is going to take three weeks is that the answer for everybody is different. So we are going...
  • 06-05-80 - Wiggle Room in Deciding on Virtualization Server - Comments

    What is the best server for virtualization? This is a question that comes up often in discussions, although it is sometimes phrased differently. It might be " How many NICs do you recommend for ESX ?" or " How much RAM can you put in a PowerEdge R805 ?" or " Are blades the most...
  • Update on 2-Socket and 4-Socket Servers for Virtualization

    In a previous white paper, a comparison between Dell 2-socket and HP 4-socket servers running a series of workloads on VMware® ESX Server was made. At the time of testing, the two systems used were the most powerful available configurations available for the Dell™ PowerEdge™ 2950 and...