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  • Microsoft Hyper-V Server

    The Microsoft® Hyper-V™ Server software is a stand-alone virtualization product that is available as a free download from Microsoft . It is based on the Microsoft Windows Server® 2008 Core, but has only the Hyper-V role. Although Hyper-V Server is free, it is still necessary to license...
  • 10-03-2008 Hyper-V Server Install Video for Free - Comments

    Microsoft released Hyper-V Server as a FREE download from their Web site on Wednesday. Like lots of other server geeks out there, I immediately downloaded it and installed it to see what it was like. It took me about an hour and a half to complete the whole install process. I recorded the entire session...
  • 11-05-08 MD3000i Configuration Caught on Video - Comments

    During a recent chat several people wanted to see more PowerVault MD3000i information, including demo videos. I worked with one of our storage architects in our executive briefing center to get his PowerVault MD3000i configuration demo recorded. Ward was able to put together a quick 15-minute video that...