NovellPlateSpin and Novell are helping organizations worldwide build more flexible, interoperable and cost-effective data center environments. The combination of PlateSpin and Novell products offers customers a powerful data center management platform with solutions for Linux, UNIX and Windows across physical and virtual environments. The global reach of the combined companies allows us to offer enterprises a full range of integrated solutions to make their IT Work As One.

PlateSpin Recon
PlateSpin Recon is a sophisticated workload profiling, analysis and planning solution that provides new levels of intelligence, visual analysis and forecasting for optimizing the data center.
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PlateSpin Migrate
PlateSpin Migrate is a powerful workload portability solution that automates the movement of server workloads over the network between physical servers, virtual hosts and image archives.
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PlateSpin Protect
PlateSpin Protect is a powerful workload protection solution that replicates and rapidly recovers whole server workloads including data, applications and operating systems—all from a single point of control.
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PlateSpin Forge
PlateSpin Forge is a disaster recovery hardware appliance that provides a smarter, faster and more affordable way to replicate and protect server workloads in the data center.
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