Introduction to MegaCLI

                The MegaCLI Configuration Utility is a command line interface application to manage MegaRAID SAS RAID controllers. MegaCLI is used to configure, monitor, and maintain PERC SAS/SATA controllers and the storage-related devices   connected to them.

Audience and Scope

                This paper is intended towards IT administrators and users who have purchased, or are planning to purchase virtualization infrastructure. This document provides insight into the usage of MegaCLI, LSI storage management utility to monitor and manage the LSI storage controller that is being used. This document is divided into three major sections out of which the first section talks about downloading and installing MegaCLI package on VMware ESXi, followed by few command options for monitoring the controller, physical disks etc. The last section of this document explains about creating a virtual disk, formatting it as VMFS5 filesystem. It also talks about simulating a disk failure and making use of hot swap provision to rebuild the degraded virtual disk.

The complete White paper can be downloaded from here