This wiki talks about command line management of PCIe SSD devices in VMware ESXi from a remote windows machine using PowerCLI. 

Introduction to PCIe SSD

            The Dell PowerEdge Express Flash PCIe SSD provides high IOPs and sequential read/write speeds. The Express Flash device is designed to deliver sequential throughput on reads and writes of up to 1.8-1.2 GB/s speed. Refer to data sheet of Dell_PowerEdge_Express_Flash_PCIe_SSD for more details.

            This white paper focuses on command line methods of managing PCIe SSD devices in VMware ESXi environment. This document is useful for administrators to automate the configuration of PCIe SSD device(s) in an efficient manner.

Audience and Scope

            The scope of this white paper is limited to management of PCIe SSD devices in ESXi using PowerCLI cmdlets. This is intended towards IT administrators and normal ESXi users working on the virtualized infrastructure using PCIe SSD. The document provides insight into the usage of PCIe SSD in VMware ESXi. The document is categorized into three major sections out of which the first section focuses on configuring the PCIe SSD as a VMFS datastore followed by command line options to configure PCIe SSD as a Host Swap Cache. The last section of the document details about automating the creation of a vFlash resource out of the PCIe SSD.

The white paper can be downloaded from here.