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VMworld 2012 - Dell TechCenter Edition

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Join Dell in Booths 1412 and 1523 for Theater Presentations and in our Break-Out Sessions.





 DellTechCenter.com: DTCUG-IP at VMworld 2012 on 08/28/12 at 4:30-6:30PM PT at Westin SF on Market Street

 Details on DellTechCenter.com's User Event, DTCUG-IP.


Dell at VMworld 2012 TechTuesday Chat - 08/07/12 at 3PM CT

Dell at VMworld 2012 - This tech chat highlighted Dell Wyse, Client Cloud Computing, as well as activities and break out sessions at VMworld 2012.

So Say SMEs in Virtualization and Cloud: Episode 35 VMworld 2012

Kong Yang and Todd Muirhead discuss VMworld 2012.

Dell at VMworld 2012 Break-Out Sessions

Session Title: Ground-Breaking VDI Product Announcement from Dell and VMware
Session Number: SPO3324
Date: Tuesday, 8/28/12
Time: 3:00-4:00PM
Location:  TBA
Dell Wyse Speaker (s): Jeff McNaught & Kiran Rao
Session Abstract: Join Jeff McNaught, Marketing Executive Director and Chief Strategy Officer for Dell Wyse, to hear about Dell Wyse’s ground-breaking new announcement, and how it enhances its end-to-end portfolio. Come see the newest Dell Wyse product purpose-built for VMware View in action, as it delivers a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) solution perfect for the world’s leading private, public, hybrid and government cloud implementations.
Key Takeaways:

  1. How Dell Wyse and VMware collaborate on virtualization and cloud computing solutions that improve the user experience, enhance cloud responsiveness over distance and enforce security to the end point
  2. How this product, along with Dell’s servers, storage, networking, software & services comprise a complete end-to-end solution
  3. How Dell Wyse has more cloud client computing solutions that extend the usefulness of PCoIP technologies in private and public cloud environments 

Super Session Title: VDI Meets the Cloud – Tales From the Real World.
Session Number: SS1008
Date:  Tuesday, 8/28/12
Time: 4:30-5:30PM 
:  TBA
Dell Wyse Speaker(s): Tarkan Maner
Session Abstract: Join a panel of C-level executives from leading private and public sector organizations that implemented virtual desktops in stationary and mobile scenarios to move users to private, public or government clouds.  How they did it, issued faced, and lessons learned.  Learn what worked, what didn't, what went up in flames, and vendors / products to avoid at all costs.
Key Takeaways:
1.    Selecting the best client for your company is core to the overall success of ROI and TCO.
2.    How the Dell Wyse hardware and software portfolio integrates and changes the end-to-end desktop virtualization landscape.
3.    Understanding the desktop options and implications in a desktop virtualization deployment. 

Session Title: Customer Perspective: Improving Access to Point-of-Care applications While Securing Patient Information with Dell Wyse, VMware and Imprivata
Session Number: SPO3325
Date:  Wednesday, 8/29/12
Time: 12:30-1:30PM
Location:  TBA
Dell Wyse Speaker (s): Dan O’Farrell

Session Abstract: Hospital emergency rooms and intensive care facilities require secure, highly integrated IT systems and access to critical applications and electronic health records that are fast, reliable, and secure. Where extra seconds of wasted time can mean the difference between life and death, VMware, Dell Wyse, and Imprivata have teamed to provide leading healthcare organizations like O’Connor Hospital in San Jose with near-instantaneous access to critical applications and data for doctors, nurses, and clinicians where it’s needed most – at the point of care. With VMware View, Dell Wyse P class zero clients for VMware and Imprivata No Click Access, patients in the most need for assistance at O’Connor Hospital are getting a level of real-time care that is second to none.

In this session, Dell customer Daughters of Charity Health System will discuss how they provide secure, reliable and continuous availability to point-of-care desktops with Dell Wyse, Imprivata and VMware, using all applications and data readily available where and when they are needed most.  Learn how health care organizations like Daughters of Charity Health System can improve their level of patient care while also maintaining strict adherence to federally mandated HIPAA requirements.  You will learn how an environment based on VMware View, coupled with ultra-secure zero clients from Dell Wyse and secure instant access to patient information from Imprivata, is enabling this Dell healthcare customer to cost-effectively achieve both goals.
Key Takeaways:

  1. In healthcare, time cannot be wasted by doctors and clinicians. They must focus on patients and not on IT challenges.
  2. For Daughters of Charity Health System and other healthcare facilities, VDI, thin and zero clients, and single sign-on are a great solution.
  3. Point-of-care solutions offered by VMware, Dell Wyse and Imprivata are literally helping to save lives. 

Session Title: Do Private Clouds Stay Private?
Session Number: 
Tuesday, 8/28/12
Dell Speaker (s): 
Craig Lowery

Session Abstract: You can build a computing environment on-premise that conforms to the cloud model: accessed on demand, scaling its service based on use, metered, automated. But even if you restrict its use to only those within your organization—forever—in the end you will want and need this “private cloud” to connect to other environments, including public cloud services. As this integration grows, the distinction of this cloud as a private one will cease to matter. In this session, Dell shows you how the virtualized environment you’re building today is leading directly to a complete, interconnected, hybrid environment and how preparing for that future leads to greater agility and efficiency today.

Session Title: Evolving Storage to Meet the Changing Demands of Virtual Infrastructure
Session Number: SPO3375
Date:  Monday, 8/27/12
Time: 1:00-2:00PM 
:  TBA
Dell Speaker(s): Mike Klemm, Lazarus Vekiarides, Carter George
Session Abstract: With data growth rates increasing, storage and data management within the virtualized infrastructure can be challenging due to unpredictable workloads, limited scalability, and undue management complexity. New approaches are needed to address these challenges and maintain high levels of service and protection as we evolve to cloud-based infrastructure. Join Carter George, the executive director of Dell Storage strategy and key engineers as they walk through the ways that the Dell Fluid Data architecture fully virtualizes and simplifies enterprise storage and data management now and in the future. By blurring the distinctions between direct-attached and shared storage tiers, bridging private and public cloud infrastructures, and architecting self-protecting storage, Dell fully embraces intelligent automation as the means to seamlessly scale and protect the entire virtual infrastructure, irrespective of where it sits in the cloud. 

Session Title: Disaster Recovery with VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager - Customer Case Study.
Session Number: INF-BCO2360
Date:  Tuesday, 8/28/12
Time: 11:00AM-12:00PM 
:  TBA
Dell Speaker(s): Jason Boche
Session Abstract: When disaster strikes, some of the most high-availability designs won’t stand a chance. When application downtime is unavoidable, focus shifts to a business continuity or disaster recovery plan that meets recovery-time and recovery-point objectives. VMware vCenter™ Site Recovery Manager™ (SRM) is a bolt-on disaster recovery product tailored for datacenters virtualized with VMware vSphere®. SRM automates the recovery process at the disaster recovery site and yields an excellent recovery time for the business. It does this by leveraging inherent virtual machine benefits such as portability, hardware independence and encapsulation. SRM also offers guest customization and an electronic recovery plan that can be initiated with the click of a button. In this session, we’ll cover the array-based replication SRM architecture components and listen as a customer with a large SRM installation shares successes and challenges in their company’s environment. 

Super Session Title: Build and Manage Private Clouds without Limiting Public Cloud Options.
Session Number: SS1013
Date:  Wednesday, 8/29/12
Time: 10:00-11:00AM 
:  TBA
Dell Speaker(s): Patrick Mooney, Steve Stover
Session Abstract: You see your infrastructure as a means to an end – to support new application workloads and IT projects like enabling private clouds. It’s not unusual to spend weeks procuring the components; more weeks to rack, stack, and cable them; and more weeks still to get it into production. Dell solves this hundreds of times a week while most companies might only do it once every few years.

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