Double-Take® Software offers affordable workload optimization products that are simple to use and enable you to move workloads for migration, continuously backup and recover data and applications, ensure workload availability or easily manage desktop and server workloads in physical and virtual environments, regardless of platform or location.

  • Workload Migration: Move workloads between any combination of physical and virtual hardware (P2P, P2V, V2P, V2V or X2X) within datacenters or across locations for datacenter migrations and consolidations.
  • Workload Backup: Continuously backup workloads and recover them on demand to a new physical or virtual machine. Recovery can be done at the item level to any point in time.
  • Workload Availability: Ensure the availability of critical IT workloads for disaster recovery and business continuity using real-time replication and failover that can protect individual applications, entire servers or virtualized workloads running on VMware ESX or Microsoft Hyper-V.
  • Workload Flexibility: Easily manage any workload by booting it from iSCSI SANs, regardless of hardware and without the need for specialized HBAs.
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    State of Nevada DMV Video Case Study Workload Optimization Webinar

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Case Studies

Using Double-Take Software to Migrate, Consolidate and Protect Heterogeneous Storage
Double-Take Software provides a flexible, cost-effective way to migrate, consolidate, and protect data in heterogeneous environments using Dell hardware.

MWA Bank Case Study
How Double-Take Software, VMware, and Dell fulfill MWA Bank's need for an improved disaster recovery.

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery with Virtualization and Double-Take
Dell servers and high-availability storage systems along with Double-Take Software data protection software helps increase the manageability and flexibility of data recovery for critical systems.

Abbey Press Case Study
Double-Take Software's GeoCluster feature in Double-Take Availability on Dell servers limits down-time and increases sales for Abbey Press.

Hatch Mott MacDonald Case Study
Dell and Double-Take Software provide disaster recovery for HMM during Hurricane Katrina.

Tribune Company Case Study
Dell and Double-Take Software help Tribune migrate to a standardized and centralized Exchange system with distance-based protection.

Chandler Concrete Case Study
Together, Hyper-V, Double-Take Software and Dell server technology provide Chandler Concrete with a reliable virtualization technology and disaster recovery platform.

State of Nevada DMV Case Study by Dell
The State of Nevada DMV shifts into virtualization 83 percent faster with Dell Services and the use of Double-Take Software.

Metrologic Case Study by Dell
Double-Take Software for storage replication and Dell's new storage solution improves Metrologic Instruments' backup time by more than 80%.