Our recent chat on the benefits of using EqualLogic iSCSI storage for virtualization solutions like VMware and XenServer was great. We had a long-time EqualLogic guy, Tim Sherback, and quite a few expert users, who talked in detail about all of the features of EqualLogic that work so well with VMware and XenServer—things like thin-provisioning, simplified management, and ease of expansion were mentioned. The most compelling aspect to me is the deep integration that has been done with the Auto-Snapshot Manager/VMware Edition, Auto Replication with VMware Site Recovery Manager, and the EqualLogic adapter for XenServer 5.0 Dell Edition.

In each case the virtualization software (either VMware or XenServer) is able to use the hardware features of an EqualLogic array to accomplish what would have been done in software. For example, you can use the snapshot feature of the array to make a VM snapshot. Check out the chat transcript for more details, and also check out the demo videos to see it in action.

The other really great aspect of the chat was a discussion around when to pick EqualLogic or PowerVault MD3000i. There was lots of information that should help anybody trying to decide which to use. I recommend that you read the transcript to get the details—this part of the chat was toward the end, if you want to just skip right to it.