Brief about NPAR and NAPReP

Dell NPAR (NIC Partitioning) provides the capability to divide a NIC port into multiple PCI functions with flexible bandwidth capacity allocation. Each PCI functions are called partitions. NPAR feature offers 8 partitions per adapter.

Dell NPAReP (NIC extended partitioning) also provides same capability as NPAR. It offers 16 partitions per adapter.

Both NPAR and NPAReP is an OS agnostic feature. ESXi enumerates the PCI functions or partitions as separate PCI devices.

NOTE: Please consider networking configuration maximums, when enabling NPAR and NPAReP in VMware ESXi 6.0 environment.

Supported adapter vendors

Broadcom, Emulex and Qlogic vendors supports NPAR and only Emulex supports NPAReP.

NOTE: Only 10 Gig adapters support NPAR and NPAReP.

Supported platforms

11th and 12th generation servers supports NPAR and only 13th generation servers support NPAReP.