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Knowledgebase Articles


230053 - After making changes to vWorkspace server template, the system stuck in shutting down phase

After some modification to the Gold Image, there might be situation where there might be corruption. Would this impact the Production...?

Created: June 2, 2017


230206 - Are MS XML and Java 7 compatible with vWorkspace?

Are MS XML 4.0 and Java 7 compatible with vWorkspace? Is there any potential conflicts?

Created: June 8, 2017



105537 - Remote Control Session RDP 8.0: This function is not supported on this System (120)

Revised: June 1, 2017


53244 - VWorkspace console may show VDI Computers Initializing or Re-Initializing periodically.

Looking in the vWorkspace Management Console may show VDI Computers initializing or re-initializing periodically.

Revised: June 2, 2017


50674 - How to create a Published Application?

Revised: June 5, 2017


70481 - HOW TO: Secure Access Certificate Configuration

When the Secure Access Certificate is incorrectly configured, any of the below symptoms may be experienced: When trying to import a Certificate...

Revised: June 6, 2017


224064 - Quest Data Collector service crashing and will not restart on a session host

The Quest Data Collector service (pndcsvc.exe) has crashed and will not restart on a session host. Users are not able to connect.

Revised: June 13, 2017


Product Life Cycle - vWorkspace

Revised: June 2017