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Knowledgebase Articles


 229675 - error: disk deployment blocked due to HyperDeploy

When re-provisioning computers the following error may be seen: Disk deployment blocked due to HyperDeploy by Host:  Hyper-V server name

Created: May 23, 2017




149541 - Redirection not working for Web Access

When creating a new website, the default.aspx should get edited automatically and a redirector setup to point to the new website, for example...

Revised: May 1, 2017


55554 - Cannot load pit file when launching Published application through Web Access

When browsing to the location identified in the error message, "<path><name>.pit", the file is not present. The PortWise cache cleaner has...

Revised: May 3, 2017


73446 - How To: Improve Performance to a Virtual Desktop VDI Session

When connecting to a VDI over a slow connection users report that the performance on the VDI is degraded, or sessions are disconnected often.

Revised: May 5, 2017


227781 - How to set the minimum memory with Hyper-V

The Hyper-V role in Windows 2012 has an improved Dynamic memory feature that adds a property called Minimum Memory. This allows you to specify a...

Revised: May 5, 2017


70481 - HOW TO: Secure Access Certificate Configuration

Revised: May 11, 2017


183146 - Smart card logon to Web access

When using Smartcards to authenticate, by default you still need to type in a Username and Password to log into the Web Access site before you can...

Revised: May 19, 2017


182486 - Best practices for User Profile Management (MetaProfiles)

Most issues with User Profile Management are due to the user&#39;s profile being too large as a result of too much being captured.

Revised: May 22, 2017


148502 - Saving Windows Credentials Store with Metaprofiles

Is it possible to use Metaprofiles (User Profile Management) to save the Windows Credentials Store (for example saved Outlook passwords) so that...

Revised: May 22, 2017


147847 - After updating PNTools user is presented with a blank screen on login.

After updating PNTools user is presented with a blank screen on login. 

Revised: May 23, 2017


Product Life Cycle - vWorkspace

Revised: May 2017