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Product Release Notification – vWorkspace 8.6.3

Type: Patch Release Created: February 2017


Knowledgebase Articles



225565 - Is VMware 6.5 currently supported?

Is VMware vSphere 6.5 supported in any of the current versions of vWorkspace?

Created: February 1, 2017


226202 - What's new in version 8.6.3?

Please see below for what is new in version 8.6.3.

Created: February 16, 2017


226365 - With Windows 10 - 1607 the Client Session window disappears after minimizing

This occurs with Windows 10 Anniversary version (1607) With Connector installed, while the vWorkspace bis configured to display the...

Created: February 22, 2017 



223593 - Optional Hotfix 653818 for 8.6 MR2 Windows Connector

This is an optional hotfix for the vWorkspace Windows Connector. Below is the list of issues addressed in this hotfix: Client proxy...

Revised: February 1, 2017


223804 - Local Printer Issue - slow printing

When using the Universal Printers setting to redirect local printers it may be slow to print large documents.

Revised: February 1, 2017


105489 - Video: How to configure the Webaccess Timeout Warning

vWorkspace 8.0 introduces a Timeout warning that allows the user to stay logged into the website. This shows you how to configure it.

Revised: February 3, 2017


204908 - What are the supported screen resolution supported by vWorkspace for Windows?

Up to which resolution can vWorkspace 8.5+ support

Revised: February 6, 2017


224308 - Hyper-V host is showing offline and is unable to be initialized.

Hyper-V host fails to initialize and is showing offline. The following message may be seen in the vWorkspace console: Remote computer could...

Revised: February 6, 2017


225412 - How to make vWorkspace more tolerant of a bad network

When a network is known to be having issues, is there a setting that can help the vWorkspace Connection stay connected during packet drops.

Revised: February 6, 2017


181327 - Blank screen when connecting through HTML5 connector

When trying to connect to any published applications using the HTML5 connector, the user is presented with a black screen and does not logon.

Revised: February 8, 2017


204417 - Hypercache VM Count is wrong and prevents deletion of old Parent VHDs

When viewing the Hypercache report, it shows the VM Count per template as the total number of machines across all templates. This means that old...

Revised: February 8, 2017


120107 - Data collector service fails to start automatically after reboot

On some servers, the Data Collector service fails to start when the server is rebooted.

Revised: February 14, 2017


102751 - How to subscribe to RSS Feeds/Product Notifications

How to subscribe to RSS Feeds/Product Notifications to opt into support notifications to receive emails about the latest software patches, version releases, and updates to our Knowledge Base.

Revised: February 19, 2017


137215 - Server Updates always in Pending State

Server updates show as pending within vWorkspace management console. Any task submitted into vWorkspace console shows as pending, and the task is...

Revised: February 24, 2017


106284 - vWorkspace steps to upgrade a vWorkspace Farm to the new version

How to upgrade from a vWorkspace environment to the new version

Revised: February 27, 2017


Product Life Cycle -vWorkspace

Revised: February 2017