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Product Release Notification – vWorkspace 8.6.2

Type: Patch Release Created: December 2016


Knowledgebase Articles


216973 - Black Screen on RDSH after adding vWorkspace Terminal Server role

After adding the vWorkspace RDSH role to an RDSH server, people logging in see Black screen and explorer.exe does not start automatically

Created: December 2, 2016


219073 - vWorkspace Seamless fails on RDSH. Explorer is shown instead.

When launching a seamless app, full desktop is displayed instead and does not respond correctly. Keyboard may not work and the display may look wrong

Created: December 9, 2016


222412 - Login fails when user has special characters in their password

When connecting to an 8.6.x farm, users are unable to authenticate if their password contains certain special characters, for example: ñ Ñ ª º and...

Created: December 22, 2016



215010 - How to increase Metaprofile timeout for saving large profiles

Revised: December 1, 2016


119923 - Shadowing from 2012R2 to 2012R2 Error: This function is not supported on this system.

Microsoft has announced that the ability to shadow (remote assist) a User’s session is back in Server 2012 R2. However, when trying to do this in...

Revised: December 2, 2016


88194 - Configuring vWorkspace client printer connectivity

Revised: December 19, 2016


213904 - iOS 8.6.4 Build 441 fails to connect with error "Connection Failure - Could not establish a connection to the server Please Try Again."

Unable to access Virtual Desktops from iOS When attempting to connect to a VDI or RDSH, it fails with Connection Failure - Could...

Revised: December 20, 2016


93258 - Unable to download from SupportLink, with error regarding "entitlement".

In Support Link, when trying to download, a message window with a truncated Entitlement check box is given. The page is stuck at this point...

Revised: December 30, 2016


Product Life Cycle - vWorkspace

Revised: December, 2016