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196415 - Optional Hotfix 593309 for 8.6 MR1 vWorkspace and PNTools

This is an optional hotfix and can be installed on the following vWorkspace roles -

  • vWorkspace Remote Desktop Session Host
  • PNTools

 Revised: April 27, 2016




Dell Software Support Product Release Notification – vWorkspace 8.6.1

Type: Patch Release Created: April 2016



Knowledgebase Articles



195773 - Unable to add a new template from Hyper-V host to vWorkspace

Unable to add a new template to vWorkspace even though the VM itself meets the usual requirements. PNTools and Instant Provisioning Tools...

Created: April 19, 2016


195775 - Microsoft Access hanging

When using Microsoft Access, it hangs on the Design screen making it hard to use the entire VDI.

Created: April 19, 2016


195942 - DUO two-factor authentication (2FA) is not working with vWorkspace

vWorkspace Web Access server is not able to contact DUO 2FA server properly

Created: April 21, 2016


195896 - Error 67 when initializing a Hyper-V host machine

When trying to initialize a Hyper-V hosts after just being added into the vWorkspace infrastructure, a Warning entry can be found under the Log...

Created: April 20, 2016


196415 - Optional Hotfix 593309 for 8.6 MR1 vWorkspace and PNTools Released

This is an optional hotfix and can be installed on the following vWorkspace roles: vWorkspace RDSH PNtools

Created: April 27, 2016


196240 - Deploy vWorkspace connector as an MSI with link to the VDI farm.

Created: April 26, 2016


196869 - Using Win+Space key combination doesn't work in vWorkspace seamless mode

Using Win+Space key combination to switch keyboards and languages doesn’t work in vWorkspace seamless mode. It does work in the full desktop...

Created: April 28, 2016


196001 - Wyse Client is not auto connecting to the desktop session

File rpd.ini is set in the wnos folder with autoconnect=1 parameter. Wyse terminals pick up the wnos.ini and are applying settings as expected, but...

Created: April 22, 2016


196218 - Is it possible to increase the number of CPU cores dynamically?

Is there a possibility to deploy a specific VDI machine from the same master image, but with a different number of CPU cores?

Created: April 25, 2016


197275 - Connection Broker Log Level settings

The Connection Broker logging can be intensive. This solution shows how to turn down the log level so only important messages are logged

Created: April 29, 2016




93304 - Error adding Hyper-V host: Successfully contacted and configured host, but failed to get volume information.

Adding Hyper-V virtualization host into vWorkspace Management console is successful, but initialization fails, giving the following error...

Revised: April 20, 2016


72378 - Changing vWorkspace SQL user password.

How to change the PNAdmin user password in SQL and update in vWorkspace

Revised: April 29, 2016


156517 - Hyper-V Host could not be initialized because its host ID is empty

When trying to initialize a Hyper-V host, the Console displays the following error message: Hyper-V Host could not be initialized because it’s...

Revised: April 21, 2016


97690 - Will I be able to configure vWorkspace to use a mirrored SQL database, is this supported?

Can vWorkspace be configured to use a mirrored SQL database, has this been fully tested, is it a supported configuration?

Revised: April 21, 2016


125411 - Cannot add / initialize Hyper-V 2012 R2 host on a Windows 2008 R2 Broker server within a 2012 Active Directory Domain

When adding a new Windows Server 2012 R2 server with Hyper-V role into the vWorkspace farm, an exception is logged. Exception getting DomainMode...

Revised: April 21, 2016


63907 - Error encountered when importing VMWare Datastore: CJvmVmBroker getDataCenters Error:CallObjectMethod raised an exception (-1)

The following error may be encountered when attempting to import the Datastore(s) when creating computer groups in vWorkspace. CJvmVmBroker...

Revised: April 21, 2016


185295 - Error Failed to translate username when trying to change password with the password reset service

When trying to reset a password with the password reset service the error "Failed to translate username" may be seen. When enabling...

Revised: April 18, 2016


74591 - How To: Add a Virtualization Server Connection.

How to Add a Virtualization Server Connection (Management Server) in the vWorkspace Management Console

Revised: April 28, 2016


82227 - How to merge / combine licenses?

When adding a new license into vWorkspace it replaces the old licenses.

Revised: April 21, 2016


70232 - Warning: Remote Computer belongs to another vWorkspace installation (has a different public key)

When attempting to initialize the VDIs / VMs in a Computer Group, the following warning is displayed: Warning: Remote Computer...

Revised: April 21, 2016


158069 - Is it possible to manually change settings in AppPortal 8.6

In the 8.6 connector for Windows, the Manage Configurations option has been removed to simplify the end user experience. However, in some cases it...

Revised: April 19, 2016


110051 - iOS and Android devices cannot connect to Server 2012 or Windows 8 applications or desktops

When launching published Server 2012 or Windows 8 apps from tablets - users may encounter the following error: Could not...

Revised: April 26, 2016


181719 - VDI provisioning fails: CreateVM: Failed to create VM from provided information

VDI provisioning fails with the following error in the Connection Broker Logs 2015-11-16 15:41:57.805 - 1596 - 6128 - Broker - INFO...

Revised: April 28, 2016



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