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Knowledgebase Articles

179060 - Cannot communicate properly with VMware Vcenter

When performing various tasks with VMware Vcenter, like “Test connection to the management server”, VDI - Update Computers or any tasks...

Created: October 15, 2015


179125 - Cumulative Hotfix 491413 for 8.6 vWorkspace Instant Provisioning

This is a MANDATORY cumulative hotfix for vWorkspace Instant Provisioning. Note: Refer to the release notes attached below for...

Created: October 15, 2015


179275 - Mapped Drives not being displayed after upgrade to vWorkspace 8.6 when using SUBST

Mapped Drives no longer work on Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 VDI nor with RDSH. This worked in 8.5 before upgrade to 8.6  The...

Created: October 19, 2015


179660 - Can vWorkspace connect to vCenter from another forest

For various reasons, it is sometimes required that the Domain in which vWorkspace resides is different to that of the vCenter server. Is it still...

Created: October 26, 2015


179693 - How to test RADIUS 2 Factor Authentication

After setting up the Radius Server for 2 Factor Authentication (2FA), it is good practice to test that the communication and authentication...

Created: October 27, 2015


179938 - Error creating desktop with SCVMM - Batch wait op key is empty

While trying to create a vm from vWorkspace on a system center virtual machine manager server vWorkspace gives an error: action = unknown action...

Created: October 29, 2015


179954 - Seamless Windows may experience trouble with Windows 7 Aero Theme enabled, and applications may fail to launch displaying white screen instead.

When launching an application in seamless mode you may see a white screen instead of the application launching normally.

Created: October 29, 2015


179801 - INTERNAL: Connector installer for IE adding AppPortal shortcut to desktop.

In a version of Connector 8.5, the comportment when running VASCLIENT32T differs between Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer. For Chrome...

Created: October 28, 2015


178130 - Bluetooth Keyboard arrow keys not working after vWorkspace app update (iOS)

After updating the iOS vWorkspace Connector App, the Bluetooth Keyboard Arrow keys are not working anymore.

Created: October 2, 2015


178297 - Using pntsc.exe desktop.pit username user1 password password1 doesn't work as expected.

When using Open Labs, a shared Domain Account is used to login to vWorkspace . While in 8.5 , the credential could be stored in the Thinshell...

Created: October 7, 2015


178327 - How to get the MSI version of vWorkspace connector

Is there a way to get MSI version for vWorkspace Connector EXE file?

Created: October 7, 2015


178358 - Windows 10 Support

Currently, support for Microsoft Windows 10 is considered Experimental support and only on 8.6. It is not supported at all on previous versions of...

Created: October 7, 2015


178961 - Cannot install vWorkspace RDSH through command line

When trying to install the vWorkspace Session host role through the command line the RDSH server does not get added to the vWorkspace farm. I use...

Created: October 14, 2015


57574 - Understanding the vWorkspace License model

Understanding the vWorkspace License model: what are the difference license options available?

Revised: October 19, 2015


76371 - What versions of vSphere are supported for use with vWorkspace?

What versions of vSphere are supported for use with vWorkspace?

Revised: October 22, 2015


85596 - How can I delete a VM from the vWorkspace Console when using the delete option does not remove it

If you have an orphaned VM that is shown in the vWorkspace Console but not on the Hypervisor then you may not be able to remove it using the...

Revised: October 20, 2015


86259 - Provisioning a new VM fails with the ERROR ”Action = unknown action, The maximum message size quo

Revised: October 1, 2015


156633 - How to enable Drag and Drop to Published App

The user can't use Drag and Drop over Seamless Windows Application.

Revised: October 2, 2015


157586 - Quest Secure Socket service not found after installing Secure-It on Server

The service Quest Secure Socket responsible for the Secure-It can’t be found after installing the Secure-It module.

Revised: October 2, 2015


157874 - Mandatory Hotfix 483251 for vWorkspace 8.6 Windows Connector

This is a Mandatory hotfix and can be installed on the following vWorkspace roles - Windows Connector

Revised: October 20, 2015


158004 - VMs built by Hyper-V do not have a working NIC

Hyper-V VMs are created and can be access from the console but are not able to communicate with any device on the network. Deleting the NIC and...

Revised: October 2, 2015


158069 - Is it possible to manually change settings in AppPortal 8.6

In the 8.6 connector for Windows, the Manage Configurations option has been removed to simplify the end user experience. However, in some cases it...

Revised: October 9, 2015


176427 - Issues with vWorkspace and VMware handing out duplicate MAC address's

VMware handing out duplicate MAC addresses causing VMs to go in Power Off state. The following error can be found in VMware when trying to...

Revised: October 2, 2015


176477 - How to bypass the User Login lock-down for admin RDP session to server

When using the User Login | Drain Mode or similar mode to proceed with maintenance for an RDSH server, in some environment, Administrators can...

Revised: October 2, 2015


176478 - Connector is not detected while being installed

When computers are a bit slow, it is possible when connecting to WebApp , the Connector will not be detected. Users will be redirected to a...

Revised: October 2, 2015


150083 - What versions of the Quest Secure Sockets Layer Gateway support TLS

Chrome and Firefox web browsers no longer support SSL3 connections, instead TLS must be used. Internet Explorer have announced that they also will...

Revised: October 20, 2015


149285 - ThinClient can't connect to RDSH Server

ThinClient can't connect to RDSH Server. RDP Credential return: "The logon attempt failed!" while the credentials are correct.

Revised: October 27, 2015


155926 - User profile is not being saved

User profile is not being saved anymore while it was working a few day ago

Revised: October 2, 2015


178355 - SCVMM vs plain Hyper-V for deployments

What is recommended for vWorkspace to use for VDI deployments: SCVMM or plain Hyper-V hosts

Revised: October 8, 2015


Product Life Cycle

Product Life Cycle -vWorkspace



Dell™ Software Support Product Release Notification - vWorkspace 8.6

Created: October 8, 2015