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Knowledgebase Articles

181719 - VDI provisioning fails: CreateVM: Failed to create VM from provided information

VDI provisioning fails with the following error in the Connection Broker Logs 2015-11-16 15:41:57.805 - 1596 - 6128 - Broker - INFO...

Created: November 20, 2015


180997 - Troubleshooting VMware Full Clone with Instant Provisioning

When performing Full Clones in VMware, even if the Instant Provisioning Guest Customisation is selected, we leverage VMware Guest Customisation...

Created: November 13, 2015


181041 - Error uninstalling Connector. Error: "Component MSINET.OCX or one of its dependencies not correctly registered"

When uninstalling vWorkspace Connector, the uninstallation process may fail, producing the following error dialog: Error: Component MSINET...

Created: November 13, 2015


182062 - Setting up or configuring website errors with An unexpected error has occurred

When setting up a new website or amending the original site an error occurs when selecting finish and completing the changes. An unexpected error...

Created: November 24, 2015


180745 - Mac Connector 8.6 System Requirements

Mac Connector 8.6 System Requirements document

Created: November 10, 2015


182518 - USB drive redirection with ThinShell

When connecting USB storage devices, the most efficient method is to use Drive Redirection not USB redirection. This article shows how to set...

Created: November 26, 2015


182486 - Best practices for User Profile Management (MetaProfiles)

Most issue with User Profile Management are due to the user's profile being too large as a result of too much being captured

Created: November 26, 2015


181489 - VDI get provisioned but lose network connection before connecting to Connection Broker

In an environment using Symantec Endpoint, a low percentage of VDI get provisioned and receive an IP address but do not get online. The...

Created: November 19, 2015


181497 - VMware migrations cause disconnection with Wyse Terminals

VMware Host migrations of VDI is causing desktop session disconnection; For security at remote locations, the Wyse terminals have...

Created: November 19, 2015


180461 - Connection Broker service is using 100% of the CPU

Connection Broker service is configured with both HTTP and HTTPS protocols and sometimes is using 100% CPU when users are accessing it over HTTPS...

Created: November 4, 2015


180476 - Application windows fall under the Windows taskbar in Windows 2012R2 and Windows 8.1 Desktops

When a user disconnects their session and then reconnects to the session, application windows overlap or fall under the Windows taskbar...

Created: November 5, 2015


180700 - How to change a remote port on terminal server.

Customer would like to change default port number 3389 of RDP to a custom port via registry change.

Created: November 9, 2015


181327 - Blank screen when connecting through HTML5 connector

When trying to connect to any published applications using the user is presented with a black screen and does not logon.

Created: November 18, 2015


181313 - User login is taking a long time due to multiple pinning/unpinning shortcut

The user login time is taking a long time The pnshell logs contains a large amount of pinning and unpinning shortcut. These actions are...

Created: November 17, 2015


182253 - Poor performance with using EOP USB to redirect USB drive

When using EOP USB to redirect a USB drive or memory stick to a VDI redirection is sporadic the data transfer rate is poor when it is redirected.

Created: November 25, 2015


182277 - HTML5 access not working. Users get black screen.

Created: November 25, 2015


180501 - Removing Icon Layout from Web Access Site

When creating a new website the setting "allow users to override the default layout settings" is not enabled, but the option to change the layout...

Created: November 5, 2015


181975 - HTML5 Error: The Initial program cannot be started when using arguments

When attempting to launch an App via HTML5 connector. If the app has arguments, the launch will fail with "The Initial program cannot be started"

Created: November 23, 2015


179125 - Cumulative Hotfix 491413 for 8.6 vWorkspace Instant Provisioning

This is a MANDATORY cumulative hotfix for vWorkspace Instant Provisioning. Note: Refer to the release notes attached below for...

Revised: November 2, 2015


179801 - INTERNAL: Connector installer for IE adding AppPortal shortcut to desktop.

In a version of Connector 8.5, the comportment when running VASCLIENT32T differs between Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer. For Chrome...

Revised: November 18, 2015


180893 – How to use multiple websites with one Connection Broker & Secure IT

How to use multiple WebAccess sites with single vWorkspace Connection Broker and single Gateway server.

Revised: November 18, 2015


60359 - The 'My Documents' folder is displayed upon connection to a VDI session

When logging into a VDI computer via a vWorkspace connection the My Documents folder is opened in a Windows Explorer window on the desktop. This...

Revised: November 19, 2015


157429 - Cumulative Hotfix 491413 for 8.6 vWorkspace Connection Broker

This is a MANDATORY cumulative hotfix for vWorkspace Connection Broker. Note: This is a cumulative hotfix for 475186 and 491413...

Revised: November 2, 2015


150300 - vWorkspace Optional Hotfix 372969 version 8.0.306.1595 for RDSH, Print Server, PNTools and Connector released

This is an optional hotfix and can be installed on the following vWorkspace roles -

Revised: November 4, 2015


151525 - vWorkspace 8.5 is it compatible with SQL 2014?

Is SQL 2014 supported as a database platform for the vWorkspace database?

Revised: November 27, 2015


157993 - Mandatory Hotfix 473524 Version 8.5.2019 for Connector Broker

This is a MANDATORY hotfix for the Connection Broker. Refer to the release notes for complete list of issues addressed in this release.

Revised: November 19, 2015


94823 - Error: virtualization management did not report a valid ip address for computer

After deploying VDI machine on VMware platform you may receive error “virtualization management did not report a valid ip address for...

Revised: November 23, 2015


53711 - Auto-configuration of vWorkspace Connectors

Auto-configuration of vWorkspace Connectors

Revised: November 23, 2015


81304 - Internet Explorer Redirection

Revised: November 12, 2015


176333 - Credentials are not saved in IE 10 anymore

Credentials saved in Internet Explorer 10 are not saved by the User Profile Management while this was working with the previous versions.

Revised: November 18, 2015


181314 - Is pnshell a multi-thread application

Is pnshell.exe a multi-thread application?

Revised: November 18, 2015


120650 - Session is logged in using local credentials rather than credentials provided

You may see an issue where the local credentials are passed through to the remote machine rather than the manually provided credentials in...

Revised: November 27, 2015


149124 - Why are there no USB components within a vWorkspace RDSH role install?

There is no “Quest Software USB Virtual Hub Terminal Server Service”; or similar running on the server, nor any drivers or systrays. I&#39...

Revised: November 18, 2015


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