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Knowledgebase Articles


157959 - Clients disconnecting through SSL Gateway (Secure Access Server)The Eventlog of the SSL Gateway/Secure Access Server shows these errors Event id 36888: Schannel, A fatal alert was generated and sent to the...

Created: September 3, 2015


176361 - After upgrading PNtools to version 8.6, seamless applications do not run as expected

After an upgrade of PNtools from versions lower than 8.5, seamless applications published on a VDI do not open correctly. Reverting back to the...

Created: September 10, 2015


157976 - vWorkspace 8.6 System Requirements

vWorkspace 8.6 System Requirements document

Created: September 3, 2015


176238 - Webaccess config error: "The underlying connection was closed: could not establish trust relationship for the SSL/TLS secure channel"

When modifying Web Access Site properties it's not possible to save changes to the web server. Getting error “The underlying connection...

Created: September 9, 2015


158069 - Is it possible to manually change settings in AppPortal 8.6

In the 8.6 connector for Windows, the Manage Configurations option has been removed to simplify the end user experience. However, in some cases it...

Created: September 7, 2015


157874 - Mandatory Hotfix 483251 for vWorkspace 8.6 Windows Connector Released

This is an Mandatory hotfix and can be installed on the following vWorkspace roles – Windows Connector

Created: September 2, 2015


158073 - Clipboard / Copy and Paste working when using HTML5 connector when clipboard is explicitly disabled


Copy and paste between the client and the VDI session inside an HTML5 session is working although it has been explicitly disabled in vWorkspace...

Created: September 7, 2015



110051 - iOS and Android devices cannot connect to Server 2012 or Windows 8 applications or desktops

When launching published Server 2012 or Windows apps from tablets - user may get the error, “Could not establish a...

Revised: September 8, 2015


157993 - Mandatory Hotfix 473524 Version 8.5.2019 for Connector Broker

This is a MANDATORY hotfix for the Connection Broker. Refer to the release notes for complete list of issues addressed in this release...

Revised: September 8, 2015


156426 - How to prevent F11 from opening Full Screen Mode with HTML5.

How to prevent Web Browser from running in Full Screen mode while using HTML 5. This setting is not part of vWorkspace but can be setup with a...

Revised: September 4, 2015


72203 - How to enable logging for vWorkspace Web Servers

How can the Web Access logs be activated?

Revised: September 2, 2015


Product Life Cycle

Product Life Cycle -vWorkspace