PowerShell Module for Wyse vWorkspace 8.6

PowerShell Module for Wyse vWorkspace 8.6

PowerShell Module for Wyse vWorkspace 8.6

Good day,

Below you will find a download link for the latest release of the Wyse vWorkspace 8.6 PowerShell Module.

vWorkspace 8.6 PowerShell x64

This release provides PowerShell automation for an 8.6 virtual desktop environment and provides the following additions* to the existing 8.5 PowerShell module. 

  • Hyper-V Full clone support 
  • Permissions can now be set by ID rather than name
  • Websites are automatically updated when created, updated or deleted

Resolved issues: 

  • Secure Access settings for Web Access were formatted incorrectly
  • Set-QVWLicense returns error “Object reference not set to an instance of an object”
  • Get-QVWLicense returns inconsistent license information 

Support is provided through the TechCenter community.

Documentation for the build can be found within the download package. 

Additional Resources

Administration Guides, Release Notes, System Requirements documents and support for vWorkspace are available. You can also learn more by clicking the button below.

*This release adds extensions and resolutions to existing cmdlets only. 


  • Where can we find detailed documentation about the PowerShell module? I know there are several community pages, but these are not up to date anymore.

  • where can we find the downloads? i can't seem to find them anywhere and the links that i do fins don't work...

  • Its that first link at the top dell.box.com/.../mh3z8ppgheblidv4950hdxkxe2knd9ft

    Be careful with it as it is buggy and Dell don't provide any support or reply to any posts about it on the forums.