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Knowledgebase Articles 

155898 - Upgrade or installation issues. vWorkspace is not uninstalled completely.

Upgrade fails during the process , unable to uninstall previous version, giving various errors.

Created: July 20, 2015


155927 - How to open .gbl files without editor or extra application

.gbl files are the vWorkspace Profile Storage global files.

Created: July 21, 2015


155119 - Screen resolution of Remote desktop does not match client desktop resolution when using RDP 8.1

When connecting to an RDSH desktop with pntsc.exe the monitor resolution within the RDP session does not match the local. For example the...

Created: July 2, 2015


156294 - Windows printer mapping does not work with EasyPrint

User's printers are mapped with an EasyPrint driver when user is connecting with MSTSC.EXE (Microsoft RDP client). However, same printers from...

Created: July 28, 2015


156539 - vWorkspace Management Console unable to communicate with VCenter

Cannot reset, initialize, etc....from console. Get the following error: SSL handshare Exception. Remote host closed connection during handshake Our...

Created: July 31, 2015


156517 - HyperV Host could not be initialized because its host ID is empty

When trying to initialize a HyperV host, the Console errors with the error “HyperV Host could not be initialized because its host ID is empty...

Created: July 31, 2015


155728 - Is Wyse Streaming Manager (WSM) a separate install package to vWorkspace?

Is it possible to install WSM 7.2 separately to vWorkspace 8.5? Are there 2 packages?

Created: July 16, 2015


155168 - Additional Customizations Preference Order

  What would be the vWorkspace Additional Customizations preference order if the same user exists in 2 different AD Groups (or) What is...

Created: July 3, 2015


156426 - F11 opens fullscreen mode , they don’t want it to work on html browser

Some customers might to prevent web browser from running in Full Screen mode while using HTML 5. This settings is not part of vWorkspace but can...

Created: July 29, 2015


156434 - Client for Mac OS X connection terminates when connecting through F5 Loadbalancer

When attempting to launch a seamless published application via web access (e.g. Excel/Word etc) the vWorkspace client for Mac OSX begins to launch...

Created: July 30, 2015


155112 - Cannot install connector from WA

When connecting to the webaccess site for the first time, it detects that no client is installed. On clicking install the user sees error... 404...

Created: July 2, 2015


155109 - Is CBRC supported in vWorkspace VDI on VMWare

Does vWorkspace support Content Based Read Cache (CBRC) functionality in ESX based VDI?

Created: July 2, 2015


156142 - Not Found (404) Error after loading vWorkspace configuration

If a combination of automatically loading a config.xml through a Secure Access Server (HTTPS) and a configuration is assigned using connector...

Created: July 24, 2015


156097 - vWorkspace Connector (vasclient32.exe) not installing on x64 machines via SCCM Software Center

When installing the AppPortal from SCCM as follows: vasclient32.exe /s /v” /qn ENABLESSO=\”1” ALLUSERS=\”1\”...

Created: July 23, 2015


155362 - Web Access connector user preferences override settings lost.

Users report that after a few days of making custom changes and saving them in the Web Access connector (font smoothing, flash redirection, etc...

Created: July 8, 2015


155326 - How to take multiple screenshots for Diagnostics

How can I take several screenshots to show the steps I took to reproduce an error without having to save them one at a time? Here is an easy...

Created: July 8, 2015


155410 - Client side Control Panel items are not being installed when using the ClickOnce installer

When using the auto detection installer (ClickOnce) on the web access portal site, the following control panel items are not installed...

Created: July 9, 2015


155517 - What are the Requirements for a Connector Broker 8.5?

What are the requirement to deploy the Connection Broker properly?

Created: July 13, 2015


155532 - 2 Factor Authentication (2FA) request doesn't appear to reach 2FA server - Authentication timed out

2FA is configured in vWorkspace Web Access site but doesn’t appear to successfully authenticate; When entering the username &...

Created: July 13, 2015



155326 - How to take multiple screenshots for Diagnostics

How can I take several screenshots to show the steps I took to reproduce an error without having to save them one at a time? Here is an easy...

Revised: July 12, 2015


155318 - MS14-066/KB 2992611 security patch could cause Quest Secure Gateway service to crash.

Pnsslsvc.exe crashes causing all the connected users to be disconnected during the service restart and Windows event viewer application log...

Revised: July 8, 2015


60359 - The 'My Documents' folder is displayed upon connection to a VDI session

When logging into a VDI computer via a vWorkspace connection the My Documents folder is opened in a Windows Explorer window on the desktop. This...

Revised: July 1, 2015


86286 - External users cannot connect through Secure Access server if ISA / TMG Server is used as an external firewall

Users can connect externally and see the list of published applications. Attempt to launch them fails. It's possible to connect to target VDI/TS...

Revised: July 30, 2015


92907 - USB redirection in vWorkspace

What are the limitations of USB redirection in vWorkspace?

Revised: July 7, 2015


94823 - Error: virtualization management did not report a valid ip address for computer

After deploying VDI machine on VMware platform you may receive error “virtualization management did not report a valid ip address for...

Revised: July 7, 2015


57574 - Understanding the vWorkspace License model

Understanding the vWorkspace License model: what are the difference license options available?

Revised: July 27, 2015


85596 - How can I delete a VM from the vWorkspace Console when using the delete option does not remove it

Revised: July 30, 2015


149939 - Hardware acceleration using a GPU

We’re looking into possible ways to accelerate our vWorkspace desktops with regards to graphics performance is there some setup you would...

Revised: July 2, 2015


99300 - Default Ports for vWorkspace

In the attached document are the default listed ports for vWorkspace.

Revised: July 10, 2015 

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