Off the tail of the vWorkspace 8.6 Beta,  we are making available beta builds of both the Dell Wyse vWorkspace Connector for iOS and vWorkspace Connector for Mac OS X. You will find that we have made some significant changes in the connectors.

  1. We have added email lookup to the automatic configuration dialogue of the connectors. 
    1. Your end users only need to know their email address and domain credentials. They won't need to know any technical details such as the IP address or FQDN of the connection broker or the port used by the Secure Access Gateway. The connector will dynamically discover the appropriate connection broker using the user's email address. 
  2. We have streamlined the user interface and made it much simpler to use.  
  1. Now that configuration of the connectors is incredibly easy, we have improved the interface and provided options that end users will better understand.
  • We have internationalized the connectors and localized them for the following languages.
    1. Chinese, Japanese & Korean
    2. No configuration needed. The Connectors will read the regional settings of the end user's device and set the locale accordingly.
    3. Other languages will be added soon.

Connector for Mac OS X

In addition to the features above, we have added support for RemoteFX Adaptive Graphics (EGFX) to the Mac Connector. By leveraging EGFX, rendering of graphics within a  remote session proves to be a smooth experience.

Accessing the Connector beta builds 

 To access the beta builds of the Connectors for iOS and Mac OS X please make a request to join the vWorkspace Beta Community. You will need an account within the community in order to request access.


With regards,

Kelly Craig

vWorkspace Product Management