The Dell Cloud Client-Computing group has released a public beta of Wyse vWorkspace version 8.6. For many years vWorkspace has been a fully featured virtual desktop delivery platform that has matured with each release. Wyse vWorkspace supports VMware, Microsoft and Odin (formerly Parallels)  as the compute engines for hosting virtual desktops, but it also brokers connections to RDSH sessions. This provides a level of unparalleled flexibility as well as a level of simplicity you wouldn't expect from such a feature-rich solution. Over the years we have added many features to vWorkspace to streamline VDI deployments.  For example, in 2012 we added Hyper-V Catalyst, a caching mechanism that improves the I/O performance of your virtual desktops storage, both for provisioning of virtual desktops and for decreasing their storage footprint. The following year we added Hyper-V Catalyst support for Terminal Servers so you could build RDSH hosts from a golden image leveraging Microsoft differencing disks. Last December, we also integrated Wyse WSM into vWorkspace Premier licensing (a feature now called vWorkspace WSM), allowing to deliver desktop images, layered applications and server imaging separately to highly-secure stateless and diskless clients on demand from the cloud.

With the new 8.6 release, we are adding the following features. Some of them are house-keeping features, while others are advancing features such as high availability of hyper-V hosts. 

We would like to invite you to join us in sampling the latest features and improvements.

  • Internationalization
    • Added Unicode support for vWorkspace core products such as the Connection Broker and Web Access as well as the connectors.
  • Localization
    • Localized connectors for Chinese, Japanese, Korean.
  • WSM
    • Layering support via PowerShell
      • Integrate virtual layers into a vWorkspace virtual desktop to separate departmental applications from the virtual desktop's operating system.
    • User Profile Layering
      • Captures user profile data in a layer that can be accessed from any device.
    • Hot High Availability
      • Allows client streamed by WSM to seamlessly switch to a different WSM server in the event of failure.
    • Centralized Site Management
      • Provides single management UI for all WSM Sites.
  • Advanced Hyper-v integration
    • Full clone provisioning with Hyper-v
      • This direct integration with Windows Server Hyper-V adds support for provisioning of full, persistent virtual machines where previous versions of vWorkspace HyperDeploy only supported differencing disk clones.
    • High availability of Hyper-V hosts
      • When using a Hyper-V cluster as the compute engine for your vWorkspace virtual desktops you have the option to set the virtual machines to be available across the cluster (High Availability).
  • vWorkspace Connectors
    • Connector for Google ChromeOS
      • This connector for ChromeOS provides a more native user experience than HTML5 and shall be available via the Google Chrome Web Store.
    • Simplification
      • Complete streamline of the vWorkspace Connectors' user interface to improve end user ease of use.
    • Email-based configuration
      • Only thing user needs to know to obtain a configuration is their email and password.  
    • 64-bit
      • Support for 64-bit Remote Desktop extensions (virtual channels)
  • vWorkspace Connector for Windows – drag and drop
    • Allows authorized users to drag files and content from their Windows PC and drop them into vWorkspace desktops and applications.  This simplifies common workflows. For example; insurance agents can now drag files directly into the correct claim record of their hosted CRM application. This functionality is not available in the Windows native Remote Desktop Connection.
  • Monitoring and diagnostics
    • Monitoring of Microsoft Remote Desktop Licensing Service infrastructure
    • Monitoring of vWorkspace WSM infrastructure

If you have previously signed up for the Beta you will receive an email containing a registration link. If you have not you can fill out the registration form using this link https://dell.getfeedback.com/r/tUNGB0oX  

Once you have registered, you will be provided a link to the vWorkspace beta community. The link will direct you to a private community where you will need to request access to the group.  If you do not have an account you will be provided the option to create one. Once your account is created, and access to the group has been granted, you will have access to the Beta installation download and documentation.

 If you have any questions regarding the program you can send me an email at kelly_craig@dell.com or to vWorkspace_beta@software.dell.com.


Documentation can be found in the Download section of the beta community group


Support for the Beta is provided through the group forum.


With regards,

Kelly Craig 

vWorkspace Product Management