Good day,

Just a quick note to make you aware of the release of version 2.5.3 of ThinShell.

ThinShell is very popular with our customers and is often used in thin client deployments because it is a Windows-based shell replacement utility. This is because virtual desktop solutions are often configured to present a full Windows desktop to end users. This can be confusing to the user as they logon to a Windows desktop to only then connect again to another desktop. ThinShell resolves this problem by replacing the local client's desktop with a simplified interface and only presenting the remote desktop to the user. Often the user will boot the thin client, see a logon prompt and the next thing they see is their desktop. If configured to do so, the only thing they really see is the remote desktop. I would provide a screenshot, but we've all seen a Windows desktop before.

This release adds the following support features to the product:

  • Support connecting to a vWorkspace 8.5 Connection Broker.
  • Support for WES 8

You can find the binary and supporting documentation on our support site.

If you have any issues or questions feel free to post in our user forums as they are monitored by many vWorkspace team members from our support, sales, product and engineering teams. Although you can always open a case with Dell Software support if you are a customer.

Lastly, you can reach out to me with any thoughts or suggestions regarding this release or vWorkspace in general.

With regards,

Kelly Craig

Product Manager - Vworkspace