Product Release: Wyse vWorkspace Connector for Mac OS X version 8.5

Product Release: Wyse vWorkspace Connector for Mac OS X version 8.5

Product Release: Wyse vWorkspace Connector for Mac OS X version 8.5

Good day,

We just released version 8.5 of the vWorkspace Connector for Mac OS X. The Connector for Mac is desktop virtualization client software that enables you to access Windows and Linux based desktops, applications and data from your Mac anytime, anywhere, and over any modern network. Whether at the office, on a park bench, or sitting at your kitchen table you can securely access corporate applications.

The release of vWorkspace 8.5 late last year introduced a new feature we labeled Connector Management. This provided a means to simply deploy and configure the vWorkspace connectors and is a feature the Connector for Mac now supports. To deploy the connector all the end user needs to know is the URL of the vWorkspace Web Access server. When the user connects, Web Access will scan the Mac and determine whether the Connector is installed. If it is installed, Web Access will determine if it is the correct version or not. If the connector is not installed, or is an older version than what is available, the end user will be provided the option to download and install the connector. Once installed, the end user can supply the Connector with the same URL in order to obtain a configuration. Once obtained, the configuration will define the path to and method of connecting to the vWorkspace hosted virtual desktop. This feature improves the configuration process significantly making it simple for the end users to connect to their applications.  

In addition to support for Connector Management we also added Auto-resize of session resolution. This means that anytime the resolution on a Mac client changes, whether due to a settings change, or the Mac is undocked, or a monitor is added, the user will be prompted for whether the remote session's resolution should match the end point's new resolution or not.

We've also fixed a number of bugs. To see what issues we've resolved, or if you are looking for more information, you can find it on our documentation portal here.

To download the installer package navigate to either our support site or our trial page

Happy virtualizing, 

Kelly Craig

Product Manager