One common question to our Technical Support Engineers is how do I auto-configure clients that are not logging on via Web-IT (the vWorkspace Secure Web Portal). This is for pre v8.5 connectors and farms.  Stephen Yorke from our Technical Support Department was kind enough to share the following documentation with us:

The CONFIG.XML file used by vWorkspace allows one to AUTO-configure the vWorkspace Connector client. There are a couple of things one will need to know prior to configuring this file.

1. There is a TEMPLATE file located in \Program Files (x86)\Quest Software\vWorkspace\Provision-IT on your Connection Broker Server. Another blog post discusses all the different settings that are available in CONFIG.XML

2. If you want AUTO-configuration to work, you will need to do one of two things:

The Easy Way
Create a DNS Entry (A Record or CNAME) assigned the name VWORKSPACE which is actually a Web Server located on your network and place the configured CONFIG.XML file in the root of the Web Server

•IIS: \Inetpub\wwwroot
•Apache: edit the 000-default file and look for DocumentRoot ( found in /etc/apache2 )

A Little Trickier
Create a login script or push out a Registry Setting to your client computers. The registry setting is:

HKLM\Software\Provision Networks\Provision-IT Client
Value: AutoConnectURL
Type: REG_SZ

You might have multiple CONFIG.XML files if you have multiple farms. No problem, just use the following registry key (you will require Client version or above for this):

HKLM\Software\Provision Networks\Provision-IT Client
Value: AutoConnectURL
Data: (One Per Line)

3. Install the vWorkspace Connector Client

4. Launch the client and it will Auto-Magically configure itself!