Hello Guys and Girls,

I was talking to a customer the other day about Macs and he mentioned that one of his bugbears was not being able to use his mac keyboard properly. For example, The \ key is obviously very helpful when connecting to a share \\server\share and when it's not mapped correctly, it's a real pain.

Searching the internet, it seems that this is a fairly common complaint when using a UK Mac Keyboard and connecting to a Windows Server/VDI via RDP.

Fortunately, MS have a utility called "Keyboard layout creator" which you can use to edit your keyboard mappings so that they keys are in the same place as your mac keyboard.

I've used this utility to create a new keyboard layout "United Kingdom - Mac" which I've installed into my master image. This means if I ever connect from my Mac mini, I can select the correct keyboard Big Smile

I've attached my copy here - feel free to provide feedback or use the MS utility to create your own layouts.

Thanks, Andrew.