What is the difference between Premier and Desktop Edition?

Premier Edition supports users connecting to vWorkspace enabled RD Session Host (RDSH) and Legacy Windows Terminal Server. In addition, with the release of version 8.5, Wyse Streaming Manager (WSM) is included with each vWorkspace Premier license. Beyond those features, functionality in the two editions is identical.


When does vWorkspace require Microsoft RDS CALs?

  • When customers deliver apps or desktops using the Windows Server OS, whether for RD Session Host or for VDI
  • When customers utilize the vGPU feature of RemoteFX             
  • RDS CALs are not required with vWorkspace for VDI when delivering the Client OS (XP, 7, 8, 8.1…), except for those using RemoteFX vGPU.

 Does vWorkspace support Hyper-V and vSphere?

Yes, both Microsoft HyperV and WMware vSphere hypervisors are supported with both vWorkspace 8.5 Desktop Edition and vWorkspace 8.5 Premier Edition.

However, Hyper-V Catalyst Components (HyperDeploy and HyperCache – read more below) are NOT available for vSphere.


What are Hyper-V Catalyst Components?

  • HyperDeploy is a unique vWorkspace feature that allows you to replicate instantaneously VHD/VHDX VM Templates from the Source Hyper-V Storage Location, to the configured storage location for the other Hyper-V Servers in the infrastructure. These template replicas are called “Parent VHD” and can reside on any configured storage on a Hyper-V Server. HyperDeploy also reduces the storage size of the virtual machines by eliminating the storage footprint of the Hyper-V binary files (equivalent to the size of the memory demand for each virtual machine).
  • HyperCache is another unique vWorkspace feature that provides in memory (RAM) IO Caching, Write Serialization and Coalescing for non-persistent virtual desktops and RD Session Host VMs. For these workloads, overall IO is reduced by approximately 40%.


What are the primary value-adds of vWorkspace to Windows Server 2012 R2 Remote Desktop Services?

  • High Scalability to a much larger seat count (broker & management console)
  • Broad Hosted OS Support
    • RD Session Host & Terminal Server 2003 R2 à 2012 R2
    • Virtual Desktop OS – XP SP3 à 8.1 & Server 2003 R2 à 2012 R2
    • Linux Virtual Desktops (Ubuntu, RHEL, CentOS)
  • Monitoring & Diagnosticsthat are completely integrated, desktop virtualization specific and context aware
    • Part of Desktop and Premier Edition (not a separate license)
    • Hyper-V & vSphere Monitoring & Diagnostics
    • vWorkspace Infrastructure Monitoring & Diagnostics
    • Virtual Machine Monitoring & Diagnostics
    • User Experience Monitoring & Diagnostics
    • VDI & RD Session Host Session Search, Drill-down & historical reporting
  • Multi-tenancy without any requirement for AD Domain or Forest Trusts
  • Flexible Resource & Policy Assignment (feature called “Advanced Targets”)
    • Deliver desktops, applications, peripherals and policies based on any Boolean combination of the type/version of vWorkspace Connector, Client OS, location, date/time, multi-factor authentication and more.
  • Advanced VM Provisioning
    • Speed – Deploy hundreds to thousands of VMs in minutes (up to 2000 parallel clones)
    • Storage capacity and IO Savings (Hyper-V Catalyst Components)
    • Completely automated RD Session Host Provisioning
  • Policy-based Connector management
    • Automatic Connector deployment
    • Dynamic configuration of Connectors
  • HTML5 Access
    • Access virtual desktops and published applications using any modern browser on any device. No software installation required on the endpoint device.
  • Application Layering(Premier Edition – using WSM features)
    • Using WSM features
  • Streaming(Premier Edition – using WSM features)
    • Client Streaming to Windows endpoints
    • Server Streaming

Where is the current reference architecture for Dell Wyse Datacenter for vWorkspace?

Dell Wyse Datacenter for Microsoft VDI and vWorkspace is Dell’s unique, end-to-end desktop virtualization solution based on Windows Server 2012 R2 and Wyse vWorkspace: visit www.dell.com/wyse/microsoft . The complete reference architecture is found here.


What Dell Wyse thin clients are certified for vWorkspace?

  • Running Wyse Thin OS: 5012-D10D, 3012-T10D, 5212-AIO (All-in-One)
  • Running Windows Embedded 7 & 8: 5290-D90Dx, 5490-D90Qx, 7290-Z90Dx, 7490-Z90Qx


What Dell Wyse thin clients are certified for vWorkspace?

  • Running Wyse Thin OS: 5012-D10D, 3012-T10D, 5212-AIO (All-in-One)
  • Running Windows Embedded 7 & 8: 5290-D90Dx, 5490-D90Qx, 7290-Z90Dx, 7490-Z90Qx