What's new for vWorkspace – January 2014


vWorkspace 7.6 Optional Hotfix (Hotfix_323560) for solution SOL118782

vWorkspace 7.6 Optional Hotfix (Hotfix_323560) for solution SOL118782 in ZIP format. Please refer to the Support Portal knowledgebase article...

Created: January 10, 2014

vWorkspace 8.0.1 Optional Hotfix (325392) for solution SOL118919

vWorkspace 8.0.1 Optional Hotfix (325392) for solution SOL118919 in ZIP format. Please refer to the Support Portal knowledgebase article...

Created: January 17, 2014

vWorkspace 8.0.1 Mandatory Hotfix (333063) for solution SOL119102

Heavy load may cause the Connection Broker to declare RDSH servers offline and prevent users from retrieving application lists and launching...

Created: January 21, 2014

vWorkspace 8.0.1 Optional Hotfix for vWorkspace Virtual Desktop Extensions for solution 119704

This hotfix extends vWorkspace VDE support for newer versions of Linux distros including CentOS, RHEL and Ubuntu. Please refer to the Support...

Created: January 30, 2014


Knowledgebase Articles



118773 - Website access error: "Active X failed to detect the client for the client detection."

When logging into vWorkspace, it is supposed to detect if a client is installed or not, but there''s an error that states the following: Active X...

Created: January 9, 2014

118923 - Web Access Windows Connector Error - "Do you want to save file?"

When trying to connect to a published application through the webportal an Internet Explorer prompt asks to save file. No option is given to open...

Created: January 15, 2014

119389 - How to set Printer Name to Printer Name [Client Name] on a Terminal Server

On VDI, there is the option to set the Universal Printer (EOP Printer) name to Printer Name [Client Name] However, on RDSH this is not an option

Created: January 27, 2014

118739 - Cannot login using email/password in the iOS Connector 2.01

When entering username in UPN form (using email), the username field is cleared on entering the ''@'' sign.

Created: January 8, 2014

118788 - FAQ: SSL Gateway using 3rd party Load Balancer Session Affinity

Created: January 10, 2014


118557 - SCVMM Desktop group error Error: Object variable or With block variable not set.

Created: January 2, 2014


119674 - Can user choose the target server in vWorkspace?

User can only see published applications and not the target servers. Can user select, which server is going to be used?

Created: January 29, 2014

119133 - Active Setup slowing login times.

ActiveSetup runs when a new user logs into a machine for the first time. This can be beneficial but for a User with a mandatory profile, running...

Created: January 21, 2014

119186 - Hyper V Catalyst Version not updating

After upgrading vWorkspace, the Hyper-v Catalyst version may appear out of date in the vWorkspace Management Console.

Created: January 22, 2014

119206 - vWorkspace sessions do not time out as requested in a group policy object

vWorkspace sessions do not time out as requested in a group policy object. When a group policy is applied to the noted terminal server the session...

Revised: January 28, 2014

68299 - Checklist/Troubleshooting steps during emergency situation in vWorkspace

This checklist by no means replaces normal support procedure. However, it may resolve production down situations by quickly verifying these steps...

Revised: January 21, 2014


93793 - Using Microsoft Key Management Services with Instant Provisioning

Revised: January 10, 2014

118782 - vWorkspace Optional Hotfix 323560 Version 7.6.1080 for 7.6 vWorkspace Windows Connector

Revised: January 10, 2014

94463 - Persistent Client Function fails to connect user to assigned Desktop or user is not presented wit

Revised: January 10, 2014

118370 - FMMR is not working in PNtools 8 and IE8

Flash video either shows a green screen or video and audio are out of sync.

Revised: January 6, 2014

119642 - How to create other downloads in a Web Access site

Admins may need to provide additional download options for their users. For instance, vWorkspace Mac Connector will not be provided as one of the...

Revised: January 31, 2014

100165 - Quest® vWorkspace Optional Hotfix 230275 Version 7.6.837

Revised: January 6, 2014

82973 - Error: "Error: CHyperV::scvmmCreateVm: You cannot call a method on a null-valued expression"

This error may occur when deploying a Virtual machine within vWorkspace from a SCVMM template.

Revised: January 6, 2014


116953 - Cannot select icon from application in vWorkspace Management console

When publishing a custom application through the vWorkspace Management console, icon cannot be selected, showing an empty list. The issue...

Revised: January 6, 2014


119102 - vWorkspace Mandatory Hotfix 333063 version 8.0.1469 for vWorkspace 8.0 MR1, Connection Broker

Revised: January 21, 2014

118884 - Is VMware vSphere 5.5 Supported ?

VMware has released vSphere 5.5 is vWorkspace compatible with this new release ?

Revised: January 16, 2014

118919 - vWorkspace Optional Hotfix 325392 version 8.0.1464 for vWorkspace 8.0 MR1, Secure Gateway

Revised: January 20, 2014

118777 - Metaprofile is not exporting profiles upon logoff

In certain cases you may see that MetaProfiles is not exporting profiles upon logoff giving an Event Viewer error stating, “Because the user has...