Hello all, I wanted to share some of the new improvements we added into the Secure Gateway for   

vWorkspace 8.0 MR1



Firstly the biggest improvement is that you can now have all   3 proxies   (RDP, Web Interface & Connection Broker) listening on the same   server, on the same   IP Address   and same   port   using the same   certificate!


Also from the Secure Gateway Control Panel, you can now :

  •           Create and assign self-signed certificates
  •           Quickly test the DNS resolution to your connection broker(s) from the secure gateway




First off, after downloading MR1 and upgrading your secure gateway, make sure you install the following  hotfix  this resolves a few issues with the certificate import process and also improves the levels of security.



The secure gateway control panel has the same look and feel but now all three proxies can listen on the same IP and port, meaning you no longer have to open more than one port on your external firewall or allocate a seperate IP for one of the proxies.


You'll notice two new buttons, firstly "Broker Lookup"

If you are using "require Broker authentication" then this button becomes available.

The tool allows you to test that your secure gateway can resolve and contact your broker by DNS name. Simply type your broker hostname, clickResolve IP, then   "Add" :


Then click Test, if all is well you should see the following:


Next you can also "Create Certificate"

This allows you to create a self-signed certificate for the SSL gateway where you may be doing a proof of concept or quick testing.


You will just need to enter the FQDN that you want to use (e.g. SGWPOC.vworkspace.uk) and you can also now use any Friendly Name that you want.

The certificate you've just made will then be located in the local machine's personal certificate store and will be selectable in the main control panel.


N.B.   Remember that if you create a self signed certificate that your end points will need to trust this certificate.

You can select Export to file, so that you may install this certificate on the devices that will be connecting via this secure gateway. In production or where time is not a factor, we'd always recommend requesting and installing already trusted 3rd party certificates.


Hopefully these new set of features will help make your SSL Gateway deployment easier!


Learn More

Here are some things you can do to learn more:



That’s it for now. We hope that you are excited about Dell vWorkspace 8.0 MR1! Please let us know what you think below- also by using the social sharing buttons on the top right of this post.