I am pleased to release an update to the Thinshell Configurator. The Thinshell Configurator is a tool design to make the setup and configuration of Thinshell a little easier with some preset scenarios plus explanations of the various settings that can be found in the configuration. More information can be found on my previsous post

What's new in 2.0

  • Thinshell 2.5.2 properties supported. New features in Thinshell 2.5.2 supported
  • Old Thinshell configuration file support. If you are using an old Thinshell configuration once you save the changes in the configurator the new or missing configuration items will be automatically created.
  • Enable Windows auto logon. The Thinshell Configurator can set the required registry settings to enable the Windows auto logon feature. Note: You have to run as administrator
  • Create local user. You can now create a local Windows user from the configurator interface in preparation for setting Windows auto logon. Note: You have to run as administrator
  • Set and unset the Windows Shell. If during the installation of Thinshell you decided not to change the Windows shell settings then this can now be done from the configurator after you have finalized all the Thinshell configurations.
  • Some bug fixes.

Please note that this is *NOT* a supported Dell product and is provided as is. If you have any questions or suggestions please use the community.