Good day,

Today Dell released version 7.6.1 of the vWorkspace Connector for Mac. The Connector for Mac allows your users to execute Windows applications, hosted in a vWorkspace farm, on their Mac powered end points, such as a MacBook Air or a Mac Mini. This is a point release and focuses on correcting issues discovered since the last version. Below is a list of resolved issues:

  • When using Windows key combinations, the Current Finder Folder opens locally.
  • Added support for ClearType text (Font smoothing).
  • When using Microsoft Excel 2010 with the Mac 7.6.1 connector, cells selected within a spreadsheet are highlighted correctly.
  • Span Multiple Monitors feature works correctly.
  • Session is launched when using 2003TS.
  • Application is successfully launched through Web Access.

The vWorkspace Connector for Mac is fully supported and can be downloaded from our support site or from our trial software site ( registration is required)

Best regards,

Kelly Craig

Product Manager

Dell Software