Hello, welcome to another blog post on Dell vWorkspace 8.0!

Along with the improvements to Hyper Deploy and Hyper Cache in vWorkspace 8.0, we have also added some statistic improvements to the Management console for vWorkspace administrators to quickly identify Hyper-V resource bottlenecks in the load balancing.

Before in vWorkspace 7.6 you could see which load balanced Hyper-V servers were overloaded, i.e. the provisioning or connection load evaluator was shown as red if attention was needed to be paid to the server:

Now, in Dell vWorkspace 8.0 in the summary tab for each Hyper-V host, not only can you see if the Hyper-V servers are overloaded but also why they are overloaded.

This means you so you can easily identify the bottlenecks for provisioning load and for connection load.

For example, for provisioning you can see counters for Disk Usage, Memory Load and Number of Virtual Machines in the Properties of each Hyper-V server:

Then for Connection Load you can see the CPU Load and the Number of Users connected:

You will notice that the specific counter that is causing the high load value will be highlighted. In the above example it's the Number Of Users

Also the eagle-eyed amongst you, will also notice that we now also list the Hyper-V Catalyst version for each Hyper-V host, which is especially useful if you have a lot of Hyper-V servers!

Some more useful additions for vWorkspace admins!

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