We are very pleased to announce that we have just released the vWorkspace Connector for iPad v1.1
Check out this video showcasing the vWorkspace Connector for iPad: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mccdRd-rA2M

1) What is the vWorkspace Connector for iPad?

The Quest vWorkspace Connector for iPad liberates desktop virtualization by allowing Quest vWorkspace users to securely access business applications, virtual desktops, and data from their iPad.

2) Where can we get the vWorkspace Connector for iPad?

The Quest vWorkspace Connector for iPad is available for FREE from the Apple AppStore. It’s in the Business category and is fully searchable now! The connector can be easily found by searching for 'vWorkspace'.

3) Where can we get the product documentation?

The product documentation is attached at the bottom of this article and is also available for download by logging into Quest SupportLink.

4) What functionality will the vWorkspace Connector for iPad provide?

Features included in 1.1 (this release)
  • Remote Audio
  • Performance and Stability enhancements
  • Ability to choose a custom wallpaper (good for branding)
  • Application logging (good for troubleshooting).
  • iOS 4.3 support - so it works on iPad 2.

Features included in 1.0 (the previous release).
  • Ability to connect and switch between Virtual Desktops and Terminal Server/RD Session Host.
  • vWorkspace Secure Gateway support for remote access.
  • On-Screen mouse for precise navigation.
  • Ability to change Connector wallpaper.
  • Apple hardware keyboard support.
  • Built in help for easy assistance.
  • iOS 4.2 support (including support for multi-tasking).

Note: You can only connect to vWorkspace connection brokers in version 1.0 and 1.1 – there is no support for direct connections through RDP to Terminal Servers and virtual desktops.

5) Can I upgrade from version 1.0?

Yes - you can upgrade from version 1.0 to 1.1, and all existing farm configuration will be preserved.

6) Are we doing anything to simplify the setup of the Connector for iPad?

Yes we are!
Let’s face it, the iPad is a consumer device so the Connector should have a level of consumer usability and require little setup by the end user. In the next release (1.2 – targeted for mid-Q2) you will see two major simplifications:
  • Web Access support, so a user can just click on an icon in the web interface and launch the Connector.
  • A simplified welcome wizard to help the user easily configure the Connector. All a user will need to do is tap in their username, password, domain and name of the vWorkspace broker. That’s it!

We will also be adding auto-configuration support later in 2011 for centralized configuration by vWorkspace administrators, like we have for the Windows and Linux Connectors today (config.xml).

7) When will a vWorkspace Connector be available for the iPhone/iPod Touch?

We are targeting releasing a iPhone and iPod Touch update in Q3 2011.

8) This is all great, but what about other tablet support?

We have the beta for another prominent tablet OS coming along very soon, so keep watching the community for further information!