One of the most exciting new features in vWorkspace 7.1 is EOP Xtream - WAN Acceleration. This patent-pending technology accelerates RDP and EOP traffic on any WAN, providing an improved user experience by providing faster RDP screen responses and improved performance of all EOP features. Go back and read that again. It's important to note that EOP Xtream will benefit your entire EOP or RDP session including all the different EOP features that you might be using. It's even more important to know that EOP Xtream works with any vWorkspace supported Hypervisor, any Operating System and any application. Let's look at some more details about EOP Xtream.

EOP Xtream is enabled by default on the server side (so TS/RDS, Virtual Desktop or Physical PC) when you install -or upgrade to- vWorkspace 7.1. For a Managed Computer Group, this is where you would configure EOP Xtream:

As you can see, by default RDP pass-through mode is enabled. This means that you do not have to change any firewall ports: EOP Xtream will utilize port TCP 3389 (the standard RDP port). You can also use EOP Xtream in conjunction with the Quest Secure Gateway which will transport all EOP Xtream traffic over port TCP 443.

On the Client side you need to make sure that you are running a vWorkspace 7.1 client (at least 7.1.301.358) and that you have EOP Xtream enabled. This is where you configure EOP Xtream in the vWorkspace client:

Of course you can centrally control (force) whether or not to use this setting by means of a Client Setting in the vWorkspace Management Console or by pre-setting it using config.xml. When you use the Client Settings in the vWorkspace Management Console (recommended), there is a new client setting available that allows you to configure the EOP Xtream behavior on the clients it applies to:

For config.xml a new value has been introduced called "EnableWANAcceleration". Set it to "1" to enable and "2" to disable.

So now that you know how to enable and configure EOP Xtream, we would love for you to try it out. Our testing has shown that it can dramatically improve the user experience when connecting over a WAN for latencies ranging from as low as 40ms to as high as 500 ms (and beyond I am sure). On the vWorkspace 7.1 release page there is a set of demonstrations that show EOP in actions with different latencies, different OSes and different applications:

Our internal tests have shown that the performance of a session with EOP Xtream will be largely unaffected by latency as shown in this graph:

That's it for this vWorkspace 7.1 feature spotlight. Be sure to check back for the other vWorkspace 7.1 feature spotlights where we explore the other new features in detail.