Good day,

It is my pleasure to announce the release of Wyse vWorkspace for Parallels Automation. As of today, the software will be available for download and is supported worldwide.

Parallels Automation (PA) (now named Odin Service Automation) is a sophisticated cloud orchestration product that is leveraged by many Managed Service Providers around the globe. Dell Wyse vWorkspace for Parallels Automation is an extension to Wyse vWorkspace to bridge communication between a Parallels Automation environment and a vWorkspace desktop infrastructure. Dell utilized Parallels’ Application Packaging Standard (APS) to create a web-based application to enable the bridge. 

 At Dell, we position vWorkspace around the following key pillars:

  •            Simple to install, deploy and manage by IT desktop generalists, it supports Microsoft and VMware hypervisors
  •            Flexible and scalable, for customers of all sizes and for all types of OS and endpoints
  •            High-performance, with advanced functionalities, fast deployment and a great end user experience
  •            Cost-effective with premium class functionality, highest user density per server, built-in monitoring and all-included licensing costs


The release of vWorkspace for PA is founded on these principles. With it Dell is expanding the breadth of customer’s choice.  Service Providers utilizing Parallels Automation can leverage the vWorkspace APS package to quickly and easily deliver Windows desktops and applications as a service to their customers/users.


Wyse vWorkspace for PA has support for the following  functions which are critical to selling Desktops-as-a-service  through the Service Provider model:


  • Online store purchase of Windows desktops– sell virtual desktops and applications through your online store.
    • Product templates – Define your offer setting base parameters such as amount of memory and disk space.
    • In app purchase of resources – Allow customers to purchase more memory or disk space.
    • Built-in billing - The vWorkspace APS package leverages the billing function of PA to allow customers to make online purchases of virtual desktops.
    • Four separate control panels within Parallels Automation APS package
      • Service provider - Set global parameters such as connection to vWorkspace Broker(s) and templates available for provisioning.
      • Reseller – View customer list and customers’ environments.
      • Customer admin – View and manage virtual desktops.
      • End user – Logon, start, stop and logoff of assigned virtual desktop.
      • Create Active Directory user accounts - Create user accounts and assign them to available desktops.
      • Provision virtual machines - Create virtual machines at time of purchase or use bulk import tool.
      • Manage virtual desktops - start, stop, delete virtual machines


How to order


               The vWorkspace for Parallels Automation APS package is available for Parallels Automation customers to download to the PA environment from at no charge. Licensing for connections to vWorkspace will still apply.




               Documentation can be obtained here


Have a great day!


Kelly Craig

Product Manager - Wyse vWorkspace