Good day,

I am happy to announce that  we are releasing the vWorkspace Connector for Android version 2.2 today. The Connector for Android enables your organization to deliver Windows and Linux hosted applications and desktops  to Android devices efficiently and securely.  This release improves the responsiveness of the Connector on Android touch devices and will run on the Wyse Cloud Connect device.

With the addition of RemoteFX Multi-Touch we have also improved the native gestures of the Connector for Android. Now, when using a scroll bar or when trying to re-size a window, there is less effort involved.

Also, we have added help in the RDP Connection Bar to provide information regarding gesture support. Just tap the question mark (?).

 Below are answers to some common questions.

  • Which versions of Android are supported?

We we have done the vast majority of our testing on KitKat and Jelly Bean Android devices. However, it should work on your device jus the same.

  • What are the new features in this release?

As stated above, we have added the following new features:

  1. RemoteFX Multi-Touch support
  2. Support for Wyse Cloud Connect
  • Where can I get support for this product?

Support can be obtained from the Dell Software support website.

  • Is there a  link to the documentation?

 Documentation can be found here with the rest of the vWorkspace documentation.

  •  Where can I download the installer?

The Android Connector can be delivered to any registerd Android device from Google Play.



If you have any questions feel free to ask them here, in the Dell community, or send me an email.

Happy virtualizing,

Kelly Craig

Product Manager – Dell vWorkspace ecosystem

Dell | Cloud Client Computing