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It is my pleasure to announce the release of Dell Wyse vWorkspace connector for Mac OS X version 7.7. 

The Connector for Mac allows you to connect to vWorkspace-hosted Windows and Linux virtual desktops from a Mac OS X device from anywhere you have a network connection.  With this release your organization can take advantage of the following new features:

Support for Microsoft's RemoteApp

Deliver centrally hosted Windows applications to your Mac users and have them appear as if they are running on the user's local device. As shown below where we are running Internet Explorer 10 on a Mac OS X Mountain Lion device. 


Single Driver RDP Printing

The vWorkspace Connector for Mac OS X Printing leverages standard RDP printing, but uses a single print driver to map all client side printers to virtual desktop print queues. On non-Windows platforms, RDP printing defaults the printer driver to the MS Publisher Imagesetter printer driver (unlike Windows, where the printer driver is chosen based on the driver being used by the client-side printer). This printer driver is a Postscript printer driver and is available on all Windows platforms. This eliminates the need to install a print driver in the virtual desktop OS for each client side printer.

In the example below, we show the Imagesetter driver is being used to print to the physical printer redirected within the RDP session.



The documentation can be found online here


The installer for the Mac OS X Connector DMG can be found on the Dell support site or the vWorkspace trial software page.


 The Mac OS X Connector is fully supported by Dell. In addition, the vWorkspace forum in the Dell community is a good place to ask questions.  

If you have any questions feel free to ask them here, in the Dell community, or send me an email.

Happy virtualizing,

Kelly Craig

Product Manager – Dell vWorkspace ecosystem

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